She said, the heart is like a rebate
Of what once was, and sited through the mail My instinct says, a tomb shall be fashioned The goddess spoke and paid homage to the flight

Nudge the roots and excavate all freedom Allow the joy to grapple through the hollow pipes Hoist me up, once or twice, and rob me as a keep-sake Fish for a soul, hook and line, and seek shelter in a used space

I have seen the subtle side of lightning Each exploding blow has devoid of trace Near or far, must I say, we’ll drive this home until the end Sensation proves, willing or not, of what cannot be bent

If I have won, I shall jump into a free-base If I have lost, I shall forfeit all of my pieces Those infant eyes, tug and tow, resistance is the outcome And I will listen, with all do respect, absorb some minor detail

So what remains is a fragile destination Rumor has it, proceed by means of caution Let me say, this I say, the weekend is in the neighborhood In due time, and in do time, all will settle, this commotion













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