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is a haven for undervalued writers to convene with readers worldwide, delivering the contemporary through books-in-hand and ebooks-in-a-minute.
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BlazeVOX [books] presents innovative fictions and wide ranging fields of contemporary poetry. Our books push at the frontiers of what is possible with our innovative poetry, fiction and select non-fiction and literary criticism. Our fundamental mission is to disseminate poetry, through print and digital media, both within academic spheres and to society at large. We seek to publish the innovative works of the greatest minds writing poetry today, from the most respected senior poets to extraordinarily promising young writers. We select for publication only the highest quality of writing on all levels regardless of commercial viability. Our outlets of publication strive to enrich cultural and intellectual life, and foster regional pride and accomplishments. BlazeVOX consciously acquires a collection of titles providing focus, continuity, and a basis for the development of future publications. BlazeVOX is committed to the dissemination of knowledge.

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BlazeVOX14 Fall 2014

Hello and welcome to the Fall issue of BlazeVOX 14. Presenting fine works of poetry, fiction, text art, visual poetry and arresting works of creative non-fiction written by authors from around world. Also presented are previews of our newly released books of poetry and fiction. Hurray! Health Update: In case you did not know I recently had a major health scare. I developed a severe case of pneumonia in the late spring. In the summer it bloomed into a full lung abscess, which hospitalized me for a short while. I have been recovering nicely at home and even though I am still being treated by very capable doctors, I will be better in about two or three months. However, do know that I am back to work and it has been a real pleasure to be working on this issue of BlazeVOX. I think you will enjoy it too. So hurray!

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BlazeVOX is a haven for undervalued writers to convene with readers worldwide, delivering the contemporary through books-in-hand and ebooks-in-a-minute.

Enjoy the recent issue of our Online Journal BlazeVOX12, which is published in the Spring and the Fall! Come and stop by our Bookshop for a good read. Bring a beverage with you because we have a good-sized preview of all of our titles on site. We also have art galleries, free ebooks, Kindle books, podcasts and YouTube poetry readings from our book authors. So do come over and see what all the fuss is all about! Sign Up for BlazeVOX [books] Newsletter here, you can find out about new publications and other bits of BlazeVOX [books] news, hurray!

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The Top 200 Advocates for American Poetry

It is my great pleasure to congratulate Geoffrey Gatza on being named as one of The Top 200 Advocates for American Poetry (2013) @ the Huffington Post. This list, complied by Seth Abramson, includes Bob Dylan, President Obama, Michelle Obama, Patti Smith, and Stephen Colbert. This is a huge honor and we all at BlazeVOX are very proud of Geoffrey's hard work. Please take a moment to read the whole article:

Huffington Post: The Top 200 Advocates for American Poetry (2013)

Sincerely, Aloysius Werner | BlazeVOX Publicity Director

make a new connection

BlazeVOX Interviews

We are implementing a new series at BlazeVOX, Author Interviews. In fifteen questions we hope to introduce you to our authors and poets. Each writer has a story that brought him or her to write their book. Through in-depth interviews with detailed questions and searching topics being covered as writers from all walks of life talk about the highs and lows in their writing. So make a new connection, BXtraordinary

Forthcoming Interviews: Anne-Adele Wight, Carlo Matos, Kristina Marie Darling, Jared Schickling, Travis Cebula, Mark DuCharme, Barbara Henning, James Berger, Christopher Shipman

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Wednesday’s Poem

Wednesday is once again, anything can happen day. Every Wednesday BlazeVOX will feature, in our new BXtraordinary series, a poem from a new book, a short video poetry reading, a fiction story or anything else that seems relevant to the day. We will choose from one of the hundreds of titles of great works in the BlazeVOX catalog. Anything can happen, so tune in each week!

Wednesday’s Poem