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Interviews & News Articles

In the Conceptual Vacuum: On Kenneth Goldsmith's/ Kent Johnson's Day

‘Big Night’ in Buffalo enriches cultural scene - Buffalo News

Buffalo News Interview with Geoffrey Gatza

Buffalo News: A conversation with poet Geoffrey Gatza
Buffalo News: ‘Big Night’ for Combat Paper Project
Buffalo News: ‘Big Night’ in Buffalo enriches cultural scene

On Blazevox' Publishing Model, Or Fuck You You Fucking Fucks!

Buffalo News: “Controversy swirls around local press over funding model”

Buffalo News: “Poets have a hard sell in America”

Pearl Blossom Highway: “BABES IN POETRYLAND”

No Tell Books Supports BlazeVOX

"A couple of years ago Geoffrey Gatza was in Buffalo, attending a conference devoted to the work of Charles Olson, when he had a chance to talk with poet Anne Waldman. Gatza, who launched the online journal BlazeVOX in 2000, and four years later, the small press BlazeVOX Books in Buffalo, was lamenting the fact that the press wasn't attracting more women writers. By that point, BlazeVOX Books had published about thirty titles—only three of which were written by women. "Even though that included two books nominated for Lambda Literary Awards, I wanted to be a more responsible editor," Gatza says. "So Anne offered the wonderful advice to place a note [on the Web site] to let women know in advance that their voices are appreciated." Evidently it worked. Among the press's new and forthcoming books are titles by Marcia Roberts, Amy King, Celia Gilbert, Sarah Sarai, Florine Melnyk, Jessica Baron, Sally Ashton, Elizabeth Hatmaker, and others. BlazeVOX Books is currently accepting submissions of poetry and fiction; guidelines are available on the Web site. "
Poets & Writers - Small Press Points, November/December 2009

American Book Review / Volume 31, Number 2 January/February 2010 – Scenes

Stoning the Devil; on BlazeVOX [books] — ‘So much good stuff is being published by Blazevox now that it seems to have, not a kind of monopoly, but a status like Subpop did in rock in the late 80s/early 90s.’

+ Interview on
MiPOesias Magazine

Book Reviews

Book Reviews

American Book Review
Volume 32, Number 5
July/August 2011
Who's In? Who's Out

“Introduction to Focus: Who’s In? Who’s Out?”
Mark Amerika, Lee Bellavance, Jeff Bursey, Terry Caesar, John Domini, L. Timmel Duchamp, Sascha Feinstein, William Flesch, Geoffrey Gatza, Robin Truth Goodman, Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Jerry Harp, Joseph D. Haske, George Held, W. Lawrence Hogue, Harold Jaffe, Steven G. Kellman, David Kress, Alyson Leitch, Michael Lindgren, Charles Marowitz, Christian Moraru, Lance Olsen, William O’Rourke, Liedeke Plate, Pedro Ponce, Jonah Raskin, Sheri Reda, Kevin Sampsell, Davis Schneiderman, J.D. Smith, Keith Taylor, Warren Woessner’s “Who’s In? Who’s Out?”

Guest editor: The Del Sol Review (Web Del Sol) Fall 2009, #16

May 23, 2008 – Poet publisher and tireless wordsmith aficianado extraoidinaire Geoffrey Gatza joins us for a wonderful reading.


Geoffrey Gatza
Scenes: Blazevox [books]: an interview with Geoffrey Gatza
American Book Review - Volume 31, Number 2, January/February 2010, p. 31

American Book Review Scenes: Blazevox [books]: an interview with Geoffrey Gatza

American Book Review - On Micropresses: BlazeVOX [books]
American Book Review Volume 31, Number 4, May/June 2010 BlazeVOX [books]

+ Review of Black Diamond Golden Boy Takes Bull By Horns

+ Review of BlazeVOX and Publishing

+ Interview on MiPOesias Magazine

+ Review of I Wear a Figleaf Over My Penis
And interview with LitTAP
October 23, 2009
Q&A with Geoffrey Gatza