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BlazeVOX interviewed on Best American Poetry


Check out Best American Poetry's, Meet the Press: Nin Andrews in conversation with Geoffrey Gatza of BlazeVOX


Best American Poetry: Interview 

Meet the Press: Nin Andrews in conversation with Geoffrey Gatza of BlazeVOX

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Hip Hip Hurray!!


Hip Hip Hurray!!! 

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Geoffrey Gatza

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Geoffrey Gatza interviewed in the Huffington Post on the whole NEA thing :-)


National Poetry Month Feature: Geoffrey Gatza of BlazeVOX [books] Talks About the NEA Ban on His Small Press by Anis Shivani 





A big controversy in the poetry world these days is the discussion surrounding Buffalo-based small press BlazeVOX [book]'s (now discontinued) model of charging some authors a portion of the costs of publishing their poetry books ($250, as I gather). In the closing months of last year, the revelation of this practice inflamed passions in the generally staid world of independent literary publishing. The controversy just got an enormous boost with the recent decision of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) banning poets from listing books published by BlazeVOX on their grant applications.

Questions arise about the viability of poetry publishing in an age of narrow audiences and little financial reward, and about gate-keeping, quality control, editorial integrity and the technologies of dissemination.


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Geoffrey Gatza


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OCCUPY THE WALLS: A Poster Show | AC Institute


All Day Event Dec 15, 2011 

Art heeds the clarion call of the Occupy Wall Street movement at the
AC Institute. This special show of posters is dedicated to the spirit
evinced by the patriots at Liberty Square. Original, commissioned
artwork will be shown beside authentic posters from the protest and
will be on view for one week.

In addition to an opening there will be a poetry reading and talk with
the curators, Bob Holman and Savitri D on Thursday, December 15 at

The artists will then take their artwork to Liberty Square to
demonstrate on Saturday, December 17, leaving the gallery at 1pm. This
effort will be made into a film. 

Location: AC Institute 547 W. 27th St, 6th Floor New York, NY 10001 6th Floor - #610 & South Alcove

Pieces from my new work,
occupy wall street N15 For Ernst Jandl - Minimal Poems 
by Geoffrey Gatza with images from the fall of Liberty Square

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Best, Geoffrey

Geoffrey Gatza
Editor & Publisher
BlazeVOX [ books ] 
Publisher of weird little books


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Thanksgiving Menu Poem - 10 Years


Thanksgiving Menu-Poem 

: In Celebration of  

 Keith and Rosmarie Waldrop and 50 years of Burning Deck Press 2011

Hurray! It’s Thanksgiving once again, another November, another year gone by, and another time to feast with dear friends. This is the tenth Thanksgiving Menu-Poem and we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Burning Deck Press by toasting the wonderful Keith and Rosmarie Waldrop. The contributions of all three entities: Burning Deck Press, Rosmarie Waldrop and Keith Waldrop on the world of poetry are many and too numerous to mention here but provided in the next section is a full biography with works, awards and links to many forums of discussions on their work. There is also a nice exhibition on Burning Deck Press at the John Hay library, even if it is now ten years old. So make like an egg and beat it on over there and make a day of it! Hurray!

Clcik here to go the Thanksgiving Poems

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for Comic Book Store Chuck

—for Chuck Seeley who passed away January 1, 2011

To console the inconsolable numbness, I collect
Earthworms and gravel in this graveyard’s soil.

I hold the grieving stones in my mouth
And let the sounds be my words of sorrow.

I loose myself thinking of our concrete cartoon passings.
Marvelous dreams happen in drawn nothing memories.

At the lonely end of the wooden bar at the great whisky a-go-go
Don't come the old boy scout at me sunshine; come have a drink!

Get out your black silks and a smile;
I told you, I would love going to his funeral.

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