Forrest Gander 2003


Thanksgiving in Providence sounds so Currier & Ives
So Normal Rockwell beating his wife in the Bronx or
Admitting you are gay while passing the gravy tureen
Listening to Fred talk the strategy of NASCAR
go fast and turn left, got it
This heart attack was nothing you should have been here for the one in ninety-four
now that was a heart attack, Barbara here started browsing new Cadillac brochures
she was that sure I was done for, weren’t you sweetie
the snow globe
close your eyes
the better to see

Thanksgiving 2003

Thanksgiving Menu

Tomato Hominy Pozole with Mojave Mulatto Chile Salsa

Sweet Potato Soup with Nutmeg Chive

Goat Cheese Quenelles

Conch and Lychee Fritters with warm

Turnip Cream & Haystack Leeks

Intermezzo of Mulled Bourbon Cranberries & Plums

Roast Goose with a Queen Amme Cherry Sauce,Brown Bread Stuffing, Caramelized Red and Yellow, Harvard Beats with Onions and Pancetta

Apple Walnut Ozark Pudding with Rum Sauce