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Wednesday’s Poem - Carlo Matos

Wednesday’s Poem - Carlo Matos


Wednesday’s Poem

Wednesday is once again, anything can happen day. Every Wednesday BlazeVOX will feature, in our new BXtraordinary series, a poem from a new book, a short video poetry reading, a fiction story or anything else that seems relevant to the day. We will choose from one of the hundreds of titles of great works in the BlazeVOX catalog. Anything can happen, so tune in each week! Here’s today’s poem

by Carlo Matos
ISBN: 978-1-60964-119-1
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There are so many versions of this joke. This was
hers. Apparently, Eddie Vedder once entered an
Eddie Vedder look-alike contest and lost. Well,
he placed third. What a pageantry of flannel and
such an assortment of deep voices for the talent
portion of the evening. And what a selection of
poses and so many one-arm swings from the
rafters. And still others banking on alveopalatal
“yeahs” or spasmodic “whoots” or microtone
falsettos . . . Eddie only ever places third—never
second, never fourth. And, of course, he can’t
place first or the joke would be on him . . . or on

*According to a recent study, the posers are 33% more likely
to place in the top five.