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Happy Halloween: E. Allan Po Reading: Anagrammatic Incantation by “Conceptual Poetry”

As promised, here is our trick and treat for Halloween. E. Allan Po Reading: Anagrammatic Incantation by “Conceptual Poetry.” Click on the video above and enjoy. The full text of the poem is below. Happy Halloween!!!


E. Allan Po 

Anagrammatic Incantation by “Conceptual Poetry”

--for Velimir Khlebnikov

Conceptual poetry
Conceptual po
Con po
Con po po
Concept potty po
Contrapuntal to porn po
Cop caller pal po
Con po po po
Pretty late po
Pop yapper po
Corny popcorn po
Your po a peanut po
Lap a lot po
You up a tree to pee on Ron po
Co.  n.  p.  O !
Lenore! Lenore!
Total po peep pep rally po
Try to poop po
Poop Pop a lot plop po
Pet your toy Poet po
Terror op no concern to po po
Yrteop lautpecpo po
Plan out canon peace tent po
Copy poetry onto teeny cell to eternally enter canon po
Alt pop culture entropy po
Poo poo po
Pray to Pope Perlopp po
Perpetual latte po
NEA platter po
Totally PENN people po po
Co.  n.  p.  O !
Lenore! Lenore!
Planet anal po
Pretty totally prone to not at all concoct any para-Autor po
Tally percent on Autor po
Crap on poetry po
Retry po
Copy out po
Clone a poet po
Conpo proto-Tonto to Poetry po
Pay toll po
Torture Creeley eye app po
Allocate only a, e, o, u, or y per po part po
You people yap a lot po
Retro tony cap on poet po po
No pun alloted po
alpotreptycentry po
Nonce top poet in Poetry po
Pant a ton to tenure po
Con putt to Norton po
Really loyal to cento po
Type NYT not really po
Co.  n.  p.  O !
Lenore! Lenore!
Nope you cannot play po
Ten Cent actually U papa po
Eat rotten carp roe you petty put out poet po
Paleo rectal plan to recoup your prattle po
Opera, Opry, or Opra on tap po
Put eye or ear on toy potato po
Tune to autoreply po po
You can all party later not yet your turn po
Y U poor po
Really cool to recycle po po
Anyone can po
Cultpo.con po
Latent cutlet atop your tuna canto pet ace taco cane po
Couple cup coconut up app enact pact to eat poet toe po
Cult uncle on canoe not not ut ta pa nu lo at al no no one net nut po po
Neo-PC lol po
Ane pa ne el al cap alt art tea cunt na la at cel ape po
Typo on cattle oop po
Co.  n.  p.  O !
Lenore! Lenore!
Celan you a rotten apple to your core po
Cocteau caput Tao too po po
Portal to eternal torpor po
Place up capo cult Pol Pot let cup to en la et ta pa nu tela punt tonal lute no no nope po
Pyro trope toy unto tepa cleat plan nocturnal lap top lout atone coy petal po po
Alone nu eat roe y Pol Pot yet try palet peon ocean lactate ocean no one po
Retro Pop torture po
All poet colony on Neptune or Pluto po
Yelp to your penal Canon po
Punctual on your tenure po
Co.  n.  p.  O !
Lenore! Lenore!
Pen or type out your po poop on paper po
Top patron you are perpetual torcetryploluan to Conceptual poetry po
Copulate peep trope pet to late CapYtal po
Placate top cool Poet cop po po
Total clap on your lyryc po
Plot your Poet at center po
You are really a po Pol po
Place your tale on Pay Pal po po
Tally your Cultural CapYtal po
Co.  n.  p.  O !
Lenore! O Lenore! O.



Poem written and Voiced by Kent Johnson
Directed & Performance by Geoffrey Gatza

Special thanks to Dr. James Maynard & The Poetry Collection at UB for use of Poe’s Raven with Illustrations by Gustave Doré 1884.

Special thanks to Donna White and Brighton Place Library for use of their community room to film.

Filmed October 18, 2013


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