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BlazeVOX AWP iPad Poetry Reading Series.

BlazeVOX AWP iPad Poetry Reading Series.

BlazeVOX AWP  | BOSTON 2013 | iPad Poetry Reading Series

Hurray, AWP Boston 2013 is now over and was a huge success. With 12,000 attendees it was a real writers retreat! I met new people, made fine connections and revisited with friends who now live all over the globe; it was good to be in the same room with thousands of my closest friends. We had a wonderful time with our BlazeVOX AWP iPad Poetry Reading Series. And here in one spot are all of over videos. We have nine readers for you to enjoy. Our first reading is by Travis Cebula reading from his new book, IthacaBurt Kimmelman reading from his new book, Gradually The WorldMichael Kelleher reading a new poem. Tony Trigilio reading from his book, Historic Dairy. James Berger reads from his new BlazeVOX book, Prior.Michael Ruby reads from his three BlazeVOX books. Bill Yarrow reading from his book, Pointed Sentence.Christopher Shipman reads new poems. Geoffrey Gatza finishes out the iPad reading series with a few poems from his book, House of Forgetting.

Why no women readers in our BlazeVOX AWP iPad Poetry Reading Series.

Thank you for watching our iPad poetry reading, we have ten videos of excellent readers, but all were men. The schedule contained nine women poets, but all of these events fell through. Leah Umansky, Alexis Ivy, Celia Gilbert, Ruth Lepson, Anne-Adele Wight, Maryam Monalisa Gharavi, and maybe Amy King would have participated, but due to three things we could not get the iPad to the poet. These three things are my inability to work Donna's cell phone, the brief snowstorm, and the wild nature of AWP. That said, I apologize for not being able to have a balance of videos. I am in the process gathering up video poetry readings, taken at their homes, and I will be posting them in the coming weeks. So hurray And stay tuned. You can see all of our poetry videos on our site, and also, more directly, on our YouTube channel. Before I go I would like to say that I did get a great recording of Alexis Ivy but I hit the wrong button and her video didn't save to the iPad. I didn't realize until much later, too late to retake the video, that it was lost. I felt so embarrassed my face was warm. Alexis read from her new book, Romance with Small Time Crooks, and a few new poems. It was a wonderful reading, vivacious with that wild freedom her poems produce, as alive in her performance as on the page. It was a real treat to sit and enjoy, even if was only me who was there to experience it.


Hurray and we’ll be sure to add in more video poetry readings.