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Geoffrey Gatza interviewed on Late Night Conversation



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This week Doug talks with Geoffrey Gatza, editor, visual artist, and award-winning poet. Geoffrey is the founder and publisher of the small press BlazeVOX. The fundamental mission of BlazeVOX is to disseminate poetry through print and digital media both within academic spheres and society at large. They discuss the purity of poetry, what writers can learn from chefs, and the virtues of being an artist in Buffalo.

Poetry is going to exist forever, as long as people are speaking…and I’m really excited about that.

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Geoffrey Gatza is the editor and Publisher of BlazeVOX [books] and the author of seven books of poetry: Kenmore: Poem Unlimited and Not So Fast Robespierre are now available from Menendez Publishing; HouseCat Kung Fu: Strange Poems for Wild Children is also available from Meritage Press. He is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY (1993) and Daemen College, Amherst, NY (2002), and served as a U.S. Marine in the first gulf war. He lives in Kenmore, New York with his girlfriend and two cats.

Wednesday's Poem | Leah Umansky

Wednesday is once again, anything can happen day. Every Wednesday BlazeVOX will feature, in our new BXtraordinary series, a poem from a new book, a short video poetry reading, a fiction story or anything else that seems relevant to the day. We will choose from one of the hundreds of titles of great works in the BlazeVOX catalog. Anything can happen, so tune in each week! Here’s today’s poem : A video featuring Leah Umansky reading from her new book, Domestic Uncertainties. Hurray and thanks for stopping by!

Burt Kimmelman featured on NPR's Writers Almanac!

Old Age Home by Burt Kimmelman

The Writers Almanac with Garrison Keillor


Old Age Home

by Burt Kimmelman

The ride from Manhattan — slipping her
into the passenger seat, swinging
in her legs, shutting the door — to the
suburbs of New Jersey, its trees and
freshly-painted houses, was as neat
as her empty apartment. We placed
some photos on her table, hung up
a few paintings on the walls, arranged
some of her sculptures here and there, plugged
in lamps and the television set.

We made our way along the hallway
to a room full of sun, where people
were gathered to talk a little, though
she had nothing to say. There was a
stereo playing music, and once
in a while someone sang the lyrics,
which had returned from some dim region —
a man seated in an easy chair
had wanted, years ago, "a girl just
like the girl who married dear old Dad."

We went to dinner. Someone poured her
a glass of juice. She ate, spilling food,
with a sudden hunger. Afterward
we sat on some couches. Someone asked
her to dance. The music played. She danced
with slight, tentative steps, a tulip
too heavy for its stem. When we had
to go we kissed goodnight, and left her
to lie down in her soft bed, her head
on her pillow, to slip into sleep.

"Old Age Home" by Burt Kimmelman, from Gradually the World: New and Selected Poems. © Blaze Vox Books, 2013. Reprinted with permission. (buy now)

Wednesday's Poem | Nate Pritts

Hurray! It’s Wednesday and we have a delight for you today! Today and next week we are featuring readings from the brand new reading series in Buffalo, Silo City Poetry series run by Noah Falck and Rachelle Toarmino. SILO CITY READING SERIES is a summer reading series in Buffalo, New York's Silo City @ Childs Street.

Nate Pritts reading at the Silo City Poetry series in Buffalo, NY July 14th 2013. He is the founder and editor of H_NGM_N literary journal and H_NGM_N BKS
Check out Nate’s BlazeVOX books:
And don forget to check out Silo City's Tumbler page for upcoming reading 
Read a wonderful article on the reading written by R.D. Pohl in the Buffalo News.

Come back next week when we will follow up on this wonderful reading! We have the video of Matt Hart’s reading too! Hurray! Happy Wednesday!  

15 Questions: An interview with Alexis Ivy

Author:  Alexis Ivy


BlazeVOX book: Romance With Small Time Crooks


Bio: Alexis Ivy is a student of literature at Harvard University. Her poems have appeared in a variety of publications, including Main Street Rag, Tar River Poetry, Eclipse, and J Journal. She has worked in the kitchen of a homeless shelter, invented names for wallpaper designs, served as poetry editor of Coin Flip Shuffle, and is the operations manager for Poem Works: Workshop for Publishing Poets. She grew up in Boston Massachusetts, and currently lives there.

Read more on BlazeVOX

Read the whole interview with Alexis Ivy here


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