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BlazeVOX11 Winter 2011



Welcome to Winter! The snow is falling, finally, now in Buffalo. It is a beautiful scene of December. And so with the late date of publishing this issue, we are titling our Late Fall issue the more apt, Winter 2011. It has been a wonderful year and so to cap it off, it is with great honor and pleasure we present great selections from writers from around America and the world. As the snow falls we writers persist, keep on working our poetry and our stories and continue to read our poems and it is all rather exciting. There is a lot of work out there for poetry and in this issue we present a glimmering sliver of that shining potential. So get ready we have 60 authors from around the globe, including fifty-three poets and seven prose pieces. So hurray! Get Reading

Also in BlazeVOX [books] news:

On November 10th 2011 we held an extravagant BlazeVOX [books] event at a new large art gallery in Buffalo, The Burchfield Penny. We were unable to record the reading, so we decided to put together a small packet that captured the fun of the whole event. Featuring the work of Michael Basinski, Wade Stevenson, Robin Brox, Geoffrey Gatza and Michael Kelleher. Portrait Drawings by artist Peter Fowler, Self Portraits of Poets and Book People (As a fund raising idea, we asked local and international poets and book people to send us a self-portrait) We received work from all around North America, including National Book Award winner Keith Waldrop and the first Canadian Poet Laureate, George Bowering. In total we received 30 pieces of artwork, and we sold a great deal of it at the show. We also have an online shop where we will have for sale, the remaining pieces. So if you want to help out the press while taking home a self-portrait of a favorite poet, here is your chance!

Again, thank you for all of your kind support and allowing BlazeVOX [books] to continue on! Also, this years Thanksgiving Menu-Poem, a book length poetry dinner, now in it's tenth year, celebrates Keith and Rosmarie Waldrop. Do stop on by the page to share in a moment of poetry.


BlazeVOX @ Burchfield Penney 2011

Thanksgiving Menu Poem

Self Portraits of Poets Fundraiser – online shop!




Rockets, Geoffrey


BlazeVOX11 - Winter 2011

Table of Contents


Sean Borodale
Abigale Louise LeCavalier
Alison Lyons
Ambrielle Army
Andrew Baron
Avery Zaduk
bruno neiva
Changming Yuan
Charles Wilkinson
Curt Hopkins
Simon Perchik
Aviva Englander Cristy
Dave Migman
David McAleavey
Deanna Rusek
Terry van Vliet
Matt Higdon
Dennis Etzel Jr.
Don Cozzette
Ed Makowski
Emily Ho
Enola Mirao 
Gonzalo Salesky
Dave Migman
Iain Britton
Ivan Jenson
Jacqueline L. Jiang Chieu
Heller Levinson
Jen Besemer
Jim Bennett
Julie Kovacs
Julie Ellinger Hunt
Karlanna Lewis
Sarah Kosch
Kristi Nimmo
minko terez
Michael Kerszewsky
Margot Block
Mattia Marino
Marthe Reed
Marcia Chicca
Nils Norelius
Purdey M. Kreiden
Pattabi Seshadri
rob mclennan
Richard Fox
Richard Cronshey
Shinwell Johnson
Robin F. Brox
Thomas Cochran
W. M. Rivera
Matthew Walz
Adam Fagin



Philip Kobylarz
Fishing for Television

Michael Quinlan
Three Days of Fall

Michael C. Thompson

Jim Meirose

Dolan Morgan
A Spider’s Faith in Webs

Anthony Johnson

Abbi Nguyen
The Foreign Dream

Acta Biographia 
Winter 2011 Author Bios