A look at some of the fine writers in our hometown of Buffalo NY

Norma Kassirer

 A swath of pieces from Katzenjammered: a work of fiction


Buffalo Focus is a special section of each issue of BlazeVOX that takes an extended look at one writer from our hometown, Buffalo, NY. It is a real honor to present in this issue a swath of pieces from Katzenjammered a work of fiction by Norma Kassirer.

These stories surround the memoirs of a young girl confronting life by way of her father’s war experiences. Shocking, illuminating, traumatic and compelling these stories grab hold of reader in the most gentle of grips. Each story begins with a short epigraph from the girl’s father’s writing of his experiences as a soldier in World War One. The juxtapositions create a wondrous tension of these very short stories. Each section develops the things that make up the self: history, country, family, name and politics. The father’s drinking overshadows each story, which is, in a way, self-treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is an amazing work of fiction. I am sure you will agree.

The full book is now available from BlazeVOX [books], more information is on the following page. And you can order it here http://www.blazevox.org/bk-nk.htm


Rockets, Geoffrey


Geoffrey Gatza
Editor  &  Publisher

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