A look at some of the fine writers in our hometown of Buffalo NY

Nava Fader


It is my great honor to introduce Nava Fader in this issues BuffaloFOCUS. Every issue we
offer a longish look at the writings of Buffalo resident, to show the length and breadth
one or two poems cannot. Nava is a mother, librarian and an exceptional poet. Fader
offers a wild ride in her poems that will not disappoint. Employing a collage like method, her lines collide in that everlasting way one feels comfort and understanding in the confusions of living. The poems take their title and verve from a line of another influencing poet, then move in varied trajectories. Calling

on figures such as Rimbaud’s Helen and the Lady of Shallot to reminiscences and objects

of the kitchen, 
memory is bone
is swallow is blink
the driest eye
orbs there sway as stars

Buffalo Focus : Nava Fader 

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