A look at some of the fine writers in our hometown of Buffalo NY

Florine Melnyk

Poems by Florine Melnyk
This is a real treat for me to bring into focus Florine Melnyk’s work. She is a major force in Buffalo’s small press publishing community. Her behind-the-scene’s work can be found in her editing and selecting for Starcherone Books, Jonathan Skinner’s Ecopoetics, and currently as poetry editor for Buffalo’s weekly art journal, Artvoice. Her keen eye has been a real success for publishing but we seldom see much of her own work. And it is that very keen eye that is the focal point of her poetry. Here the poet offers us that futile search, that ‘looking for a reason’ that is not found in poems, but in life. This is her first appearance in BlazeVOX and so we are offering a gallery of her poetry for you to enjoy.

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