A look at some of the fine writers in our hometown of Buffalo NY

Buffalo, NY

Buffalo Focus is a special section of each issue of BlazeVOX that takes an extended look at one writer from our hometown, Buffalo, NY. It is a real honor to present these works! Hurray!

  • Shinwell Johnson

    Shinwell Johnson

    Tuesday is a Wet Sock | Minimal Poems

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  • Norma Kassirer

    Norma Kassirer

    A swath of pieces from Katzenjammered: a work of fiction

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  • Aaron Lowinger

    Aaron Lowinger

    The House at 24 Huntington Ave.

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  • Sherry Robbins

    Sherry Robbins

    a swath of poems from Or The Whale

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  • Clarice Waldman

    Clarice Waldman

    Victory: A Novel by Clarice Waldman

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  • Paul Hogan

    Paul Hogan

    Three new poems and five poems from Hogan's latest book Points of Departures

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  • Nava Fader

    Nava Fader

    Poems by Nava Fader

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  • Michael Sikkema & Russell Pascatore

    Michael Sikkema & Russell Pascatore

    Double Shot! Michael Sikkema & Russell Pascatore

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  • Christina Wos Donnelly

    Christina Wos Donnelly

    The Largely Unexpurgated History of Scheherazade and other poems by Christina Wos Donnelly

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