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Yet another Cyber-Monday Sale from BlazeVOX [books]


Happy Holidays from BlazeVOX!
New LogoYet Another Cyber_Monday Sale

Hurray it is the holiday season, there is snow on the ground in Buffalo; all seems right in the world. To add to this blowing, BlazeVOX [books] is offering a cyber Monday sale that will last until January 6th. We have thirty titles all at a special price of $10. Follow the link and give that reader in your family a stack of great books and help out a small press in the process.



BlazeVOX [books] Cyber-Monday sale: Click here 



Great Selection

$10 per Title / 10 for $100

From Now until Epiphany


All holiday season we will have a revolving series of books on sale, all for a low special price of $10 per book. Buy a gift box of books for $100 and receive a special surprise book from the press as a thank you for your support. Please explore these and all the titles in our shop, each title has an extensive preview of book. So even if you are not in the market to buy today, stop on over, we have over 300 books to browse. So hurray, spend the whole day :-)


30 books on sale of new and recent items in our catalog:


  1.   VOLUME ONE (Selected Anonymous Marginalia) by Liam Agrani
  2.   Quinn's Passage by Kazim Ali
  3.   All My Eggs Are Broken by Michael Basinski
  4.   The Ecstasy of Capitulation By Daniel Borzutzky
  5.   A Shopping Mall on Mars By Patrick Chapman
  6.   Headz by JJ Colagrande
  7.   Girl in Two Pieces by Elizabeth Hatmaker
  8.   Something to Exchange by Celia Gilbert
  9.   I, THE WORST OF ALL by Estela Lamat Translated by Michael Leong
  10.   Thirty Miles To Rosebud by Barbara Henning
  11.   Your Wilderness & Mine by David Highsmith
  12.   Slaves to Do These Things by Amy King
  13.   Human Scale by Michael Kelleher
  14.   Che. by Peter Money
  15.   or, The Whale by Sherry Robbins
  16.   HELLO HELECOPTER by Kyle Schlesinger
  17.   With One More Step Ahead by Goro Takano
  18.   Katzenjammered by Norma Kassirer
  19.   First Baby Poems by Anne Waldman with Collages by George Schneeman
  20.   At the Fair by Tom Clark
  21.   A Testament To Love & Other Losses by Wade Stevenson
  22.   Paris Views by Michael Joyce
  23.   Selected Prose of Bobbie Louise Hawkins Edited by Barbara Henning
  24.   Nine Blue Moments for Robin by Michael Boughn
  25.   Slinger: The Equilibrium of Stars by Ben Bedard
  26.   Molloy: The Flip Side by Chris Tysh
  27.   Distance by Tom Clark
  28.   The Jointure by Clayton Eshleman
  29.   The Moon and Other Inventions by Kristina Marie Darling
  30.  Inventories by Paul T Hogan


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