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Workshop with Barbara Henning at the Poetry Project


Chronology of Mind Workshop — Workshop with Barbara Henning

Over the years, I’ve developed a long list of approaches and experiments that 
have helped me generate poems (and novels) and also helped me think differently. 
Most of these experiments (or constraints) engage autobiographical material 
(the self extending into the world) while at the same time disrupting or redirecting 
an easy chronology. Some of the assignments will include: walking/writing meditation, 
sequential quilting, prose sestinas, research/layering, a line an hour, thinking the opposite, 
etc. The class will function as a workshop; we will read and discuss your writing. We will 
also spend part of the time considering writing by others, such as: Matsuo Basho, Harry 
Mathews, Jack Kerouac, Harryette Mullen, William Carlos Williams, Helene Cixous, Bill 
Kushner, Bernadette Mayer, and Ed Sanders.


Barbara Henning is the author of three novels and seven collections of poetry, her most recent is 
A Day Like Today(Negative Capability Press  2015). Others include A Swift Passage (Quale Press), 
Cities and Memory (Chax Press) and a collection of object-sonnets, My Autobiography (United Artists). 
She is the editor of 
Looking Up Harryette Mullenand The Collected Prose of Bobbie Louise Hawkins. 
Barbara lives in New York City and teaches for 
writers.com and Long Island University in Brooklyn. 
More information about her work can be found at 

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