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The Moon and Other Inventions by Kristina Marie Darling Reviewed on the Rufous City Review.


Reviewed by Jessica Bixel

The calculating speaker of The Moon & Other Inventions: Poems After Joseph Cornell 
is at once delicate and power-driven, feminine and empirical, mysterious and distinct. 
This woman and her interests—the disconcerting symmetry of the sky, instruments of 
measurement and discovery, maps and faint music—have been cast to the bottom of the 
page, pressed beneath white space and a phantom text, as footnotes. Whether this is an 
observation on the female voice still occupying marginalized space, or a commentary on 
absence (of narrative, companionship, emotional attachment, connection...), or even a 
celebration of the fragment, you cannot help but wonder what is happening above and 
around those footnotes. 
Read the whole review at the Rufous City Review here!

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