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April is the Bestest Month - Great New Reviews

April is the Bestest Month - Great New Reviews


New Reviews:
A great review of Historic Diary by Tony Trigilio in NewPages
A wonderful review of Jennifer Wolf’s Somewhere Over the Pachyderm Rainbow by Jordan Antonucci, the poetry reviewer for Monkey Puzzle Press
Jennifer's book will be out soon! 
The Jivin’ Ladybug presents BOOK REVIEWS 2 <http://mysite.verizon.net/vze8911e/jivinladybug/id130.html> :

Two perceptive writers, Felino Soriano and Hayley Mollmann, have joined Jared Demick as part of the Bug’s review team. In this issue, the following books are reviewed:

Urayoán Noel’s Hi-Density Politics
César Vallejo’s Against Professional Secrets
Edwin Torres’s Yes Thing No Thing
Anne Portugal’s absolute bob
Charles Bernstein’s Attack of the Difficult Poems
Sawako Nakayasu’s Hurry Home Honey: Love Poems 1994-2004
Ruxandra Cesereanu & Andrei Codrescu’s Forgiven Submarine
Peter Waterhouse’s Language Death Night Outside: POEM. Novel
Weston Cutter’s You’d Be a Stranger, Too is reviewed in 3 places:
at the Rumpus
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