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Stacia M. Fleegal defends BlazeVOX

Daniel Chacon's lit arts radio show

Airing on November 13. The podcast is available here:

In this week’s Poetic License, Stacia M. Fleegal defends why she is ok with paying $250 to have her work published with BlazeVOX Publishing, a practice frowned upon by other writers.

Stacia writes, I know the furor of this issue has died down a bit, and thankfully so (for you and for the press), but I think it really blew wide open some of the prejudices and backward thinking in literary publishing, especially by some in the indie and/or online lit crowd who often seem to think they are ahead of the pack in terms of shattering taboos, innovating, etc. I still feel compelled to speak out.

Her full blog post with more detail about cooperative publishing, benefits for writers, et: http://www.staciamfleegal.com/2011/09/my-name-is-stacia-fleegal-and-i-donated.html 

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