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Rob Bixby, editor and publisher of March Street Press

Robert J. Bixby, 1952 - 2012

Rob Bixby, editor and publisher of March Street Press and “Parting Gifts” magazine, died
October 26, 2012, as I was informed only recently in a message from Kathy Bixby, his wife.
He was born in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, and earned a Bachelor of Arts at Central Michigan
University, a Masters of Social Work at Western Michigan, and a MFA at University of
North Carolina, Greensboro.  At the time of his death, he worked at the library of UNCG.
As one of March Street Press’ authors, and one of Rob’s early teachers at Central Michigan
University, Eric Torgersen wrote, “Rob was a fine writer, but sacrificed any chance of
recognition for his work by devoting all his time and energy to the press.  His papers will
be housed at Western Michigan University.”
Robert Bixby was a tireless editor, often shuffling hard copies of galleys back and forth
over several months with each of his authors until every manuscript was letter perfect.
Rob was an accomplished artist and often designed the book covers himself.  The contribution
of March Street Press to contemporary American poetry and poetics is incalculable.
March Street Press, although it maintains a website, has ceased.  At this time there are no
prospects for continuing the work of the press. 
—Michael Gessner
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