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Responsibilities of the Obsessed by Goro Takano reviewed at QLRS

The Singaporean poet/critic Cyril Wong reviews Responsibilities of the Obsessed by Goro Takano on Quarterly Literary Review Singapore.

Fragmented Quest
A search for love through a surrealist landscape 

By Cyril Wong

Responsibilities of the Obsessed 
Goro Takano
BlazeVOX (2013) / 102 pages / USD16

If all reality is unimpeded, interconnected dreaming, then what use is left for words like 'real' or 'dream'? It is, I believe, a fair question — one that poet Goro Takano answers in leaps and bounds from the flowering of his own private and troubled dreaming. Responsibilites of the Obsessed is his latest offering, a collection of 'narrative' (I use the word very loosely) poems born out of the interstices of consciousness. Surrealism is still an underrated art, especially in poetry — a dangerous realm within poetic discourse which even poets do not dare to engage with for too long. If contemporary poetry has been criticised for being too obscure (i.e. demanding too much of the reader's intelligence and interpretive investment), surrealist poetry scares even more 'regular' readers of poetry away. If 'regular' or more accessible poetry frames us within mostly predictable parameters of linguistic conventions, combined with the safe comforts of semantic surprises through metaphor and analogy, surrealist poetry yanks the rug from under our feet, stealing even our feet and leaving us suspended with little left to stand on, or twisting wildly in mid-air.

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