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'Descent of the Dolls,’ at Guild Hall - mentioned on Newsmax

 Poets Jeffery Conway, Gillian McCain and David Trinidad

Poets Jeffery Conway, Gillian McCain and David Trinidad will do a dramatic reading of their book "Descent of the Dolls" featuring clips from the movie "Valley of the Dolls" at Guild Hall in East Hampton on Sept. 12. Photo Credit: BlazeVox Books

Guild Hall is about to take some poetic license with “Valley of the Dolls.”

“Descent of the Dolls,” a book of poetry inspired by the 1967 camp movie classic starring Patty Duke, Barbara Parkins and Sharon Tate as three women seduced by men, drugs and Hollywood, will be presented as a staged reading at the East Hampton theater on Sept. 12. Jeffery Conway, Gillian McCain and David Trinidad, who penned the poems, will read as clips from the movie play throughout the program.

Think of the event as Dante meets Jacqueline Susann, author of “Valley of the Dolls,” which has sold more than 31 million copies since it came out in 1966. “Descent of the Dolls” is written entirely in cantos, and features odes to the characters as well as the real-life actors from the film — a whole section is devoted to “Valley” girl Duke’s pop music efforts. There are also references to Joan Crawford, Allen Ginsberg and “The Andy Griffith Show.” Valley Stream even pops up.

The event is free, but reservations are required. To reserve a spot, go to give.guildhall.org/JDTLab or call 631-324-0806.

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Anne-Adele Wight will read in Boulder, CO next week!


If you are in the Boulder, CO area come out to see Anne-Adele Wight read at

Innisfree Poetry Bookstore
1301 Pennsylvania Avenue
Boulder, CO

Date and time: Thursday, September 15, 7:00 PM 

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Moon Talk by Wade Stevenson is reviewed by Green Life Blue Water!!


Moon Talk


Moon Talk

For centuries, the moon has captivated our imagination, influenced our bodies, and penetrated our dreams in all her evanescent, full and mysterious glory. Moon Talk, by Wade Stevenson pays a metaphorical tribute to the golden glowing orb whose raw, ubiquitous power can sway the tides, and dances like the moon herself between the dark and light, the fixed and fungible, a chiaroscuro of our favorite heavenly body.

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