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Passing the hat for BlazeVOX

Passing the hat for BlazeVOX!
...Hot Dog, it's the new year :-) 
There's still time to donate


Please support BlazeVOX through a donation. Your tax-deductible donation will provide vital assistance, funding operating costs, future issues of our free online journal, and help fund other exciting book projects. Donations of any amount are welcome. 


Your gift as a Fellow ($100), Sponsor ($250), Patron ($500), Benefactor ($1000), or Member of the Editor's Circle ($5,000+) will be recognized in our print books, ebooks and on the website.


Or, you can make a secure donation online with PayPal here:




Send your check or money order addressed to BlazeVOX to this address 76 Inwood Place, Buffalo, NY 14290 

Get to know BlazeVOX a bit better:


BlazeVOX is a haven for undervalued writers to convene with readers worldwide, delivering the contemporary through books-in-hand and ebooks-in-a-minute.


Enjoy the recent issue of our Online Journal BlazeVOX12 which is published in the Spring and the Fall can be found here.


Come and stop by our Bookshop for a good read. Bring a beverage with you because we have a good-sized preview of all of our titles on site. 


We also have art galleries, free ebooks, Kindle books, podcasts and YouTube poetryreadings from our book authors. So do come over and see what all the fuss is all about!


New LogoSign Up for BlazeVOX [books] Newsletter here, you can find out about new publications and other bits of BlazeVOX [books] news, hurray!


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Plans for the Future: We are opening up a whole new section on our site, BXtraordinary! We had been marketing the book as a simple sales pitch using only the back cover blurb and a simple email campaign to market several book at one time in one email that came out monthly. So far this has lead to a moderate interest in our books. However, we want people to consume our books, read them and talk about them online with friends and other readers whom they share like-minded interests. So we plan to change the way we introduce our books. We will set up a campaign for each title using to garner interest in the author's story as well as what is inside the book itself; to promote the poet as well as the book itself. Each writer has a story that brought him or her to write the book we are publishing. That story is interest to our readers who want to know who the writer is, why it is important for them to read this book now, and how this work will affect their reading mind. So stay tuned, we are going to the stars! 



Thank you & Hurray!
We really can't say it enough - so we'll say it again here. Thank you. We have the best group of members and supporters that we could ask for, and it's because of you that we have been so successful this past year.

Rockets, Geoffrey Gatza
How far do we have to go?
We're just $5,000 away from hitting our goal and beating last year's mark by $1500 - but why stop there? Let's see if we can beat our all time record. In addition to donations, we could use your help spreading the word to your friends and family, so please feel free to share this email.

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