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Kristina Marie Darling's True North on today's Verse Daily


Today's poem is by Kristina Marie Darling

True North 

From the start you made me promise not to ask
questions about your first wife. You'd leave for
weeks and wouldn't tell me why.

When you finally came home, dinner always
began the same way. I'd catch a glimpse of 
something in the window while warming soup or 
vegetables. Then I looked out into the yard and 
saw her face. Sometimes she stood at the door, 
straightening her dress, about to knock. Most of 
the time she was out of breath, as though she'd 
walked a long way in the cold.
        No matter what you told me, I was afraid 
to open the door. She carried no purse, and no 
luggage, because everything she needed was
already here.


Copyright © 2015 Kristina Marie Darling All rights reserved
from The Arctic Circle 
BlazeVOX [books] 
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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