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 Greg Bem Reviews Tom Clark’s At the Fair

Greg Bem Reviews Tom Clark’s At the Fair


 Greg Bem Reviews Tom Clark’s At the Fair

At the Fair by Tom Clark. 132 pages. BlazeVOX [books], 2010. $16.00.

Tom Clark’s latest book of poetry is a welcome assortment of verse and prose featuring diverse styles, impeccable themes, and moving stories, all told in retrospective, West Coast candor. Through the emulation of a small town world made complete with an intrinsically international mythology rooted to mankind’s relationship with the universe, At the Fair is like a “best of” for a poignant culture. The book makes the attempt to go from microcosmic reliance to macrocosmic necessity and succeeds in forging an alliance between the two, achieving a noble goal to unite timeless queries: foster meaning with language, empathize with undeniable Memory, and bolster with compassion toward life and beauty.

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