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Crying Shame by Jeffrey Morgan Reviewed at Pebble Lake Review

  Hurray! There nice review of Crying Shame over at Pebble Lake Review.

Crying Shame by Jeffrey Morgan   
BlazeVOX, 2011. $16 

Review by April Christiansen

Jeffrey Morgan’s first collection of poems, Crying Shame, is a book of dichotomies, exploring the occasions when, as he notes in “Rescue Excerpts,” “the line between the two groups muddles.” The first section in the collection, “How Word Is Passed,” sets up this paradox and overlap of memory, history, and desire, and how they work both with and against each other. This confusion returns in the last sections, “Little City Shame” and “Big City Shame,” however, Morgan provides no answers; instead, he leaves us with unsettling, but vivid, images.

[Read the whole review here]

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