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Captain Poetry’s Sucker Punch by Kenneth Warren Reviewed on Nomadics


Captain Poetry’s Sucker Punch

June 30th, 2012 · No Comments · Book ReviewsBooksCriticismPoetics,PoetryPoets

I don’t like Big Beach Novels for the summer, as novels invariably wind up boring me, but I do enjoy having a Big Booke of something-or-other to schlepp around from airport lounge to train station to rental car office — & to whatever home or motel or inn I’ll rest my bones reading, reading, reading. Happy to report that I most likely have found that book for this summer: Kenneth Warren’s Captain Poetry’s Sucker Punch: A Guide to the Homeric Punkhole, 1980-2012, with an introduction by Dale Smith, an afterword by Ammiel Alcalay, & published by Blaze Vox in 2012.

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