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Buffalo Small Press Book Fair 2014 is this weekend!



The Buffalo Small Press Book Fair is a regional two-day event that brings together cultural workers involved in book arts, printing, small press, and writing.

8th Annual Buffalo Small Press Book Fair Saturday, April 5th, and Sunday April 6th, 2014, Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum 453 Porter Ave, Buffalo, NY.

This is our eighth year participating in this event and we look forward to seeing you! Do stop by our book table at the fair, we’ll have many books on hand. Our books will sell for $5 to $10. We also have an online book table with 50 titles all at special prices. So hurray, its Spring and National Poetry Month. so get a little poetry in your life!!! Buy a book for yourself or a friend today.


BlazeVOX Online Book Table

50 titles all for $10 each!!!

•           2X2 by Martine Bellen

•           A Testament To Love & Other Losses by Wade Stevenson

•           Apollo by Geoffrey Gatza - Black and White Edition

•           Art Fraud by Jeffrey Schrader

•           atboalgfpopasasbifl: Irritations, Excrement & Wipes by Jared Schickling

•           BRUSHES WITH by Kristina Marie Darling

•           Cheltenham by Adam Fieled

•           COMMA FORK / MOVING PARTS by Ted Greenwald

•           Cruelty by Jefferson Hansen

•           Dear Beast Loveliness by Tim J. Myers

•           Dear Darwish by Morani Kornberg-Weiss

•           Deco by J.J. Colagrande

•           Does the Moon Ever Shine in Heaven? by Chuck Richardson

•           Domestic Uncertainties by Leah Umansky

•           For the Ordinary Artist Short Reviews, Occasional Pieces and More by Bill Berkson

•           From Delancey West by Brian Jackson

•           Gradually the World: New and Selected Poems, 1982 – 2013 by Burt Kimmelman

•           having been blue for charity by kari edwards

•           Headz by JJ Colagrande

•           In Your Dreams by Ted Greenwald

•           ITHACA: A LIFE IN FOUR FRAGMENTS by Travis Cebula

•           Katzenjammered by Norma Kassirer

•           LIGHT-HEADED by Matt Hart

•           Lost Poet, Four Plays By Jesse Glass

•           Miscellaneous Debris by Nick Mansito


•           On The Bus: Selected Stories by Dennis Barone

•           Oops! Environmental Poetics by James Sherry

•           Opera House Arterial by Anne-Adele Wight

•           Prior by James Berger

•           Quinn's Passage by Kazim Ali

•           Responsibilities of the Obsessed by Goro Takano

•           Robert Browning's The Pied Piper of Hamelin

•           Romance With Small-Time Crooks by Alexis Ivy

•           Selected Prose of Bobbie Louise Hawkins Edited by Barbara Henning

•           Slaves to Do These Things by Amy King

•           Soldatesque / Soldiering | Poetry by Anne Waldman, Art by Noah Saterstrom

•           THE CARCASSES A FABLE by Raymond Federman

•           The Unfinished by Mark DuCharme

•           Thirty Miles To Rosebud by Barbara Henning

•           to go without blinking by Aimee Herman

•           Trailers by Michael Basinski

•           Transcendental Telemarketer by Beth Copeland

•           Truth Game by Tom Clark

•           Uncomfortable Clowns ms #77 by James Hart III

•           Vertigo Diary by Larry Sawyer

•           I'm The Man Who Loves You by Amy King

•           House of Forgetting by Geoffrey Gatza

•           “now, 1/3” and thepoem by Demosthenes Agrafiotis Translated by John Sakkis and Angelos Sakkis

•           Captain Poetry’s Sucker Punch: A Guide to the Homeric Punkhole, 1980–2012  by Kenneth Warren

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