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BlazeVOX [books] Action Plan

 As you know we have ended our co-operative agreement with authors and will move on and make books with the money we have and publish what we can when we can. Again, thank you to all who support the press! Hurray!

Along with this, we are going to have an extravagant BlazeVOX [books] event at a new large art gallery in Buffalo, The Burchfield Penny, on November 10th 2011, from 6 to 8 PM. This will be a catered event with food and drinks from a local fancy restaurant. Our sponsor for the event, Wade Stevenson, also a BX author and major art patron, wanted to make a splash in Buffalo for the BX, and so this event.

We are going to have many fun events, including poetry readings featuring Mike Basinski, Robin Brox and Michael Kelleher. We are also going to hold a silent auction of artwork. The art will be self-portraits of local and national poets and book people. Please come if you can.

Our hope will be to sell more books and have fundraisers to fulfill the future of BlazeVOX.

Thank you a thousand times,
Geoffrey Gatza

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