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Geoffrey's Health Update


Hello, I wanted to take a few minutes of your day and explain why I have been a bit behind in my work for the past few months and thank everyone for their kind support during a very difficult time. I have been extremely sick for most of the summer but do know that after a lot of treatment I am recovering nicely and should be back to good health in September.

I have done my very best to keep this a personal event in my life, but as I move further and further into my recovery, I have been overwhelmed by work that might be completed during my recovery. It is true that I almost died in mid July from a lung abscess and that I spent ten days in our local Veterans Hospital. I was suffering from a bout of pneumonia that began being treated on May 20th. After eight weeks things did not get better, but rather my pneumonia developed into a lung abscess, which is really rare. This had my doctors rather worried when I went back to the hospital on the 16th of July. I had expected to return home again that night with a new prescription of antibiotics, but rather, I was admitted to a quarantine room for fear I had contracted TB. This was done under an abundance of caution, as my team of doctors was certain that my lung abscess had arisen from my pneumonia. After seven days in an isolation room and several tests they determined I was not contagious nor had TB, they began treatment for the abscess in my lung. I underwent a procedure that removed the abscess that was as successful as uncomfortable. I am still working on clearing the pneumonia from my lungs with very strong antibiotics, which I will be taking for another thirty days. After that I will return to the hospital for more tests to be sure that all is well and that I am a healthy Geoffrey once again Hurray.

The good news in all of this is that I am no longer a smoker. As of tomorrow, it will be four weeks tobacco free. After ten days in the hospital it was an easy thing to quit cigarettes. Now I am just adjusting to self-identifying as a non-smoker. But that will take care of itself in no time at all. Plus, I lost twenty pounds and I look quite good. My strength is returning slowly but surely, but this summer is shot for activities.

My time in the VA hospital was great, I was well cared for by a caring nursing staff and the doctors on my team made me feel comfortable and confident that they had my condition well in hand. Considering the severity of my condition, they all were caring in the right ways. And the hospital food was pleasant as well. So hurray on that, I am glad to be back at home with my cats and Donna.

I am not now ready to return to a full work schedule, but I am able to work for an hour or two a day so as to not let things go to far afield. So if you have something pressing, I can work on it, but do know that I will be working very slowly. I would greatly prefer it if we waited in

Rockets, Geoffrey 

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Rob Bixby, editor and publisher of March Street Press

Robert J. Bixby, 1952 - 2012

Rob Bixby, editor and publisher of March Street Press and “Parting Gifts” magazine, died
October 26, 2012, as I was informed only recently in a message from Kathy Bixby, his wife.
He was born in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, and earned a Bachelor of Arts at Central Michigan
University, a Masters of Social Work at Western Michigan, and a MFA at University of
North Carolina, Greensboro.  At the time of his death, he worked at the library of UNCG.
As one of March Street Press’ authors, and one of Rob’s early teachers at Central Michigan
University, Eric Torgersen wrote, “Rob was a fine writer, but sacrificed any chance of
recognition for his work by devoting all his time and energy to the press.  His papers will
be housed at Western Michigan University.”
Robert Bixby was a tireless editor, often shuffling hard copies of galleys back and forth
over several months with each of his authors until every manuscript was letter perfect.
Rob was an accomplished artist and often designed the book covers himself.  The contribution
of March Street Press to contemporary American poetry and poetics is incalculable.
March Street Press, although it maintains a website, has ceased.  At this time there are no
prospects for continuing the work of the press. 
—Michael Gessner
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BlazeVOX @ AWP 2013


BlazeVOX @ AWP 2013
Hot Dog, I'll see you in Boston! 
Geoffrey Gatza

Hurray! I will be going to AWP but without a table or booth. Apparently I was 6 months too late to sign up for either. It's a great sign that this will be an event not to miss. I will be presenting at a panel on the future of the small press. Information is below. I will be roaming all around the book fair, attending panels and lurking in smoking area just outside the Hynes :-) So hurray, if you see me, jump on out and say hi! If time permits lets get coffee! I hope to meet as many people as I can. 

iPad Poetry Readings from AWP: 



So I lost out on setting up a poetry reading for BlazeVOX at AWP. But that is AOK, there is better technology out there than just a dirty bar in Boston :-) Our plan is to do short, 5 to 7 minutes, of poetry readings around the Hynes convention center for our webpage. I'll be recording poets during the event, so if you are interested, please let me know and I'll set up a schedule


If you are a BX author and will be at AWP and should wish to do a reading, email me at editor@blazevox.org or give a call and we'll meet up and read from your book, you can read new poems too. Hurray! 

Geoffrey's Panel on the Future of the Small Press 

Cooperative Publishing and the Future of the Small Press

Date: Thursday, March 7

Time: 12:00 p.m. to 1:15 p.m.

Location: Room 306, Hynes Convention Center 

R180. Cooperative Publishing and the Future of the Small Press. (Martin Woodside, Derick Burleson, Jacqueline Kudler, Chris Baron, Geoffrey Gatza) Traditional literary publishing is being upended by new developments in media and technology. In this panel, representatives from Sixteen Rivers, City Works, BlazeVOX, and Calypso Editions discuss the role cooperatives have, may, and will play in the shifting publishing landscape. The panel explores how various cooperative models help reimagine ways for the 21st-century small press to thrive, sustain literary communities, introduce new writers, and keep great literature in circulation. Learn More
AWP Book Fair - Half Off New Titles

Since we will not have a table we have or a reading in a physical location, we have an online booth now set up. We have 24 titles now available at half off their normal rate. Come on over and read from this great list of books. And we'll ship them to you. You don 't have to lug home a box of heavy books, let us bring them to you!  Learn More


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Thank you Fund for Poetry!!


Thank you Fund for Poetry!!


Hip, Hip Hip!!! Thank you so very much for your kind support!!! Hurray! 

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