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Poet's Quarterly interview with Carlo Matos



Interview by PQ Interview Editor Millicent Borges Accardi

To meet Carlo Matos is to view a dichotomy. A rare breed of what canbe termed a Renaissance man in that his skills and interests are varied and broad, and like a stormy winter sky, constantly changing. The reach of Matos’s life leads him towards the violence and excitement of kick boxing and MMA cage fighting and then to the soft side where he writes poetry, plays and teaches literature. His days are well-rounded on the home-front as a devoted family man to his wife Nichole and young son Alex.

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An Anatomy Of The Night by Clayton Eshleman Reviewed at Nomadics blog

Clayton Eshleman’s Anatomy of the Night

I have been reading — & rereading — Clayton Eshleman’s An Anatomy of Night (published — details here — by Blaze Vox [Books] in 2011) with great, & indeed, increasing pleasure over some weeks now. It is vintage Eshleman, that is, the strength & power of image-making, always his forte, & the muscular & nervous dynamic that organizes & drives these knotted metaphorics forward, have in no way diminished with time — & combine to make for rich & dense poetry.

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Crying Shame by Jeffrey Morgan Reviewed at Pebble Lake Review

 Hurray! There nice review of Crying Shame over at Pebble Lake Review.

Crying Shame by Jeffrey Morgan   
BlazeVOX, 2011. $16 

Review by April Christiansen

Jeffrey Morgan’s first collection of poems, Crying Shame, is a book of dichotomies, exploring the occasions when, as he notes in “Rescue Excerpts,” “the line between the two groups muddles.” The first section in the collection, “How Word Is Passed,” sets up this paradox and overlap of memory, history, and desire, and how they work both with and against each other. This confusion returns in the last sections, “Little City Shame” and “Big City Shame,” however, Morgan provides no answers; instead, he leaves us with unsettling, but vivid, images.

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Hi-Density Politics by Urayoán Noel reviewed in Jacket2


A review of recent works by Urayoán Noel

T. Urayoán Noel performs at Illinois State, February 2011. University Galleries. Photo by Brian D. CollierT.
Hi-Density Politics
Kool Logic/La logica kool
The author of several books of poetry and translation, Urayoán Noel brings a satirical voice and a contemporary urban consciousness to the traditional notion that the poet will entertain and enlighten. The results, in his hands, are a well-done weird. Inevitably, they’re also compelling, and then a penny drops, and they provoke.
Seen from one perspective, his 2010 collection Hi-Density Politics (Buffalo: BlazeVOX) represents a shift from Noel’s earlier work. Its greater emphasis on process and constraint yields a new experience on the formal level, particularly where Noel has used new technologies to produce his teeming metropolis on the page. Yet Hi-Density Politics offers all the more when considered as an extension of his previous books, published in 2005 and 2008.
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She, A BLUEPRINT by Michelle Naka Pierce and Sue Hammond West

SHE, A BLUEPRINT: The Exhibition

Michelle Naka Pierce (text)

Sue Hammond West (image)

with Marc Devine (tech)


June 11 – August 1, 2012
Please come to the reception:
Tuesday, June 19
from 5:15 – 7:15 p.m.
gallery hours . mon - sun 9 – 6

Naropa University . Lincoln Gallery
2130 Arapahoe Avenue
Boulder . CO . 80302
303 . 245 . 4637

She, A Blueprint . $25.

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