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Some Cars from Three Plays by Deborah Meadows performed in LA


“Some Cars” was originally performed at the MorYork Gallery in Los Angeles October 29, 2015. Directed by Juli Crockett.


Driver: Juli Crockett
Passenger: Shaughn Buchholz
Poet: Gray Palmer
Man: Brian Tichnell
Woman: Shayne Eastin
Game Warden: Brian Tichnell
Game Warden’s father: Patrick Moore
Game Warden’s son: Christian Gibbs
Two Clowns: Tom (in academic robes): Shaughn Buchholz
and Jerry (in revolutionary’s garments): Shayne Eastin

Guy Zimmerman, Artistic Director and Producer; Suzanna Storm, Associate Producer; Bill Ballou, Technical Director; John Zalewski, Sound Design; Ellie Rabinowitz, Lighting; Patrick Halm, Props; Melissa Fiociello, Set Design; Amanda Eno, Stage Manager.

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