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Thanksgiving Menu Poem - 10 Years

Thanksgiving Menu-Poem 

: In Celebration of  

 Keith and Rosmarie Waldrop and 50 years of Burning Deck Press 2011

Hurray! It’s Thanksgiving once again, another November, another year gone by, and another time to feast with dear friends. This is the tenth Thanksgiving Menu-Poem and we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Burning Deck Press by toasting the wonderful Keith and Rosmarie Waldrop. The contributions of all three entities: Burning Deck Press, Rosmarie Waldrop and Keith Waldrop on the world of poetry are many and too numerous to mention here but provided in the next section is a full biography with works, awards and links to many forums of discussions on their work. There is also a nice exhibition on Burning Deck Press at the John Hay library, even if it is now ten years old. So make like an egg and beat it on over there and make a day of it! Hurray!

Clcik here to go the Thanksgiving Poems

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Stacia M. Fleegal defends BlazeVOX

Daniel Chacon's lit arts radio show

Airing on November 13. The podcast is available here:

In this week’s Poetic License, Stacia M. Fleegal defends why she is ok with paying $250 to have her work published with BlazeVOX Publishing, a practice frowned upon by other writers.

Stacia writes, I know the furor of this issue has died down a bit, and thankfully so (for you and for the press), but I think it really blew wide open some of the prejudices and backward thinking in literary publishing, especially by some in the indie and/or online lit crowd who often seem to think they are ahead of the pack in terms of shattering taboos, innovating, etc. I still feel compelled to speak out.

Her full blog post with more detail about cooperative publishing, benefits for writers, et: http://www.staciamfleegal.com/2011/09/my-name-is-stacia-fleegal-and-i-donated.html 

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Finding poetry in Kennedy assassination


(Flickr/Le Petit Poulailler)

Author Tony Trigilio explores President Kennedy's assassination through poetry in 'History Diary.'

Tuesday marked the 48th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. The moment has worked itself deep into the American psyche, spawning commissions, books, movies and theories all bent on uncovering what really happened that day. Author and poet Tony Trigilio was fascinated by the mystery surrounding Kennedy’s assassination. He poured over the Warren Commission Report and then, he started reading Lee Harvey Oswald’s personal diary. But he didn’t find conspiracy; he found poetry. The result was Historic Diary - his latest collection of poems.

Web extra: Tony Trigilio reads two poems from his book Historic DiaryKiss Junie and Rachel for me, I love you, be sure to buy shoes for June, and The Manchurian Cadidate. 

Read more here and listen to the radio interview

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review of field work on Jacket2


"A speck of behavior, a fleck of culture"

A review of "Field Work: Notes, Songs, Poems, 1997–2010"

Field Work: Notes, Songs, Poems 1997-2010

by David Hadbawnik

BlazeVOX 2011, 138 pages, $16, ISBN 978-1-60964-010-1

When Henry James wrote about “the state of the streets” in American cities at the turn of the twentieth century, he expressed over and over the difficulty of ever doing justice to the task. Faced with “a welter of objects and sounds” James in The American Scene claimed his powers of perception to be in such disarray that the semiotics of American manners eluded his grasp almost completely (83). For James “there couldn’t be any manners to speak of” in cities defined by such violent congestion, such “unmitigated publicity, publicity as a condition, as a doom, from which there could be no appeal” (10, 9).

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