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More Matt Hart

Along with Matt Hart's recent top 30 listing, here is a mini-review of LIGHT-HEADED at the Barn Owl Review site



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Matt Hart’s LIGHT-HEADED in Coldfront’s Top 30 Poetry Books of 2011

Matt Hart’s LIGHT-HEADED hits number 19 in Coldfront’s Top 30 Poetry Books of 2011

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19. Light-Headed, Matt Hart

BlazeVOX [books]

“Living in Cincinnati means rapture”

Light-Headed is Matt Hart’s most concentrated effort yet. He proves himself a versatile and imaginative formalist, his own innate, absurd energy finding forms, civilizing them, then busting their seams. Hart’s forte is an avalanche of musical anxiety that leads to a childlike, if consciously imagined, crystallization of hope. But much about this sequence of poems also involves ominous endings and flares of hard perspective. In the long poem “All the Hours We’re Awake,” the poem title serves as almost singsong regular refrain;  in between, Hart blends jagged sonic and mental associations with great agility. The poem concludes:

You wheeze and you grope.
You butterfly knife off the high board,
but praying. Where is my past life
to save me the most? The future
of damaging yellow-cake
uranium. I knew it, said the crocodile
harvesting egg yolks.
Peace is a difficult baby.

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John Deming

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a womb-shaped wormhole by j/j hastain reviewed at The Big Other

a womb-shaped wormhole by j/j hastain reviewed at The Big Other


Guest Post: Carrie Hunter–J/J Hastain and the Biomimetic Unicorn
January 17, 2012 by Janey Smith

In a womb-shaped wormhole, j/j hastain examines postmodernities of gender through the central iconography of the unicorn. If a wormhole is phallic, a womb-shaped phallus situates us at the beginning of a new gendering. Here we encounter the erotic as path, as activism; birth into the new virginity. The earth moves, “a tectonic-mid,” not letting the new arise so much as a concurrency with it (17). The omen, the portent “turns psychic roughage/ into emotional and physical/ alcoves” (19). We are slowly introduced to the unicorn, not the well-known unicorn of classical myths, but as a new unicorn born out of a new site of gender depolarizations. Here we have the classical view of feminine purity mixed with the phallic horn. Amongst the multiple representations of gender depolarizations, we see the “femme swagger,” (23) “female semen,” (54) and “the vascularity of surplus/ and need” (58). How the vein is both phallic and womb-reminiscent as it carries one thing to the other is receptacle-like. 

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Book Information:


· Paperback: 122 pages

· Binding: Perfect-Bound

· Publisher: BlazeVOX [books] 

· ISBN: 978-1-60964-075-0

$16  Buy it from Amazon now





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HUMAN-CARRYING FLIGHT TECHNOLOGY by Christopher Shipman Reviewed on Dig

A new review of HUMAN-CARRYING FLIGHT TECHNOLOGY by Christopher Shipman has just been published on the website, Dig.

A Ship on the River

Dig Poetry Editor Christopher Shipman undrapes the everyday in a new book

By Kathlene E.E. Boone

Published January 11, 2012

It should be disclosed that when Chris Shipman wrote about his grandmother and the dances she would never know in his poem “Outside,” I thought of the dances he did know and wondered whether she had been his teacher. I’ve seen him dancing with his wife under the stars. That is to say I know him. Not only are we acquainted, but we are also colleagues. Shipman is the master of Dig poetry, editing a delicious taste of local verse on the weekly. It was with great pleasure, but also a relative amount of bias, that I agreed to sit with and discuss his new book of poetry, Human-Carrying Flight Technology. [read the full review here]


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