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A Reading and a Review with Sophie Seita


Saturdays Live: Eugene Ostashevsky, Holly Pester and Sophie Seita in collaboration with The White Reviewfrom Serpentine Galleries on Vimeo.

Poets Eugene Ostashevsky, Holly Pester and Sophie Seita present readings in the Serpentine Sackler Gallery's Powder Room, within the exhibition curated by Martino Gamper, design is a state of mind. 
Programmed in collaboration with The White Review.


Sophie Seita’s Artfully Fragmented Fantasias in Counting


Sophie Seita

Bookslut’s Kristina Marie Darling reviews Sophie Seita’s first book,Fantasias in Counting (just released, BlazeVOX 2014)! “Although many of her works are concise and carefully crafted, they demand an active participation on the part of the reader, something that an audience would not suspect given the regimented forms she frequently invokes (musical scales, exercises).” More:

The reader     says
                              even as/if painting
                              wouldn’t sight the single but the total unity.

The reader     says
                              cannot sleep.

Thinking about lines now
Thinking about lines now
Thinking about lines now

What’s interesting about this passage is the way that Seita writes as though she is conforming to the reader’s will, yet at the same time challenges and undermines the expectations that most readers would bring to such a text. Passages like this one, beautifully and artfully fragmented, call upon the reader to forge connections between different elements of the poem, prompting them to participate actively in the process of creating meaning from the work. Fantasias in Counting is filled with thought-provoking works like this one, which show an astute awareness of readerly expectations and the consequences of the work’s necessary challenges to the entrenched relationship between the artist and her audience.


Read the full review at BookslutPhoto of Sophie Seita by Lanny Jordan Jackson.

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