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Now Chiefly Poetical by Kevin DiCamillo

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Now Chiefly Poetical Kevin DiCamillo BlazeVOX [books]

“KEVIN DI CAMILLO’S poems are so finely tuned that they risk calling the reader’s attention too exclusively to their form and to all the fragile echoes from other writers that haunt them.
This volume is, in itself, plotted as a complicated sequence, and is not merely a gathering of incidental or occasional poems. The opening lyric poems are immediately arresting; but it is in the retrospect afforded them by the “Gradual Psalms” and the Stations of the Cross that they fully reveal themselves. The sequence is in some respects simple—it starts with an account of the world and of the way it has been glimpsed in various writers; then the transience of this is absorbed into the meditative sequences that follow, although the absorption of one world into another is a painful one; then it is celebrated in the Joycean epithalamium.
This is poetry of the highest order, deserving of wide recognition.”

—-Seamus Deane, from the Foreword, author of Reading In The Dark

“Beautiful, passionate, and inspiring.”

—James Martin, S.J., best-selling author of Jesus: A Pilgrimage and The Abbey: A Story of Discovery

““The sacred underlies so much of Kevin DiCamillo’s new poetry collection, Now Chiefly Poetical: the sacred of god, the sacred of love and intimacy but perhaps most powerfully, the sacred of the ordinary. On the ordinary, from his poem ‘Compline Complaint’ we read, ‘one week to rid the shards of that smashed jar, the floor a field of infinitesimal moon crescents, toenails’. Similarly on the topic of love and intimacy in ‘The Jesse Tree’: ‘All your transmorphications! All of them I’d love As surely as if you came in hot from mowing the lawn To reveal two of your fingers cut by a careless move Of hand near blade. . . . “Impossible!” you state and leave shaking your head. You’re right. But I wish you were something else instead.’ Even the underlying misery we experience with those we love most is included. This is DiCamillo’s gift, being inclusive of the thoughts we have had and have sadly forgotten, but are gifted now with his poetic reminders. This is why we read his mapped, strung-across-the-page poems—to come to know ourselves again, along the lines of the sacred.”

—Joanna Clapps Herman Author of How To Build An Italian and No Longer and Not Yet

“The true poet is born and not made; Kevin Di Camillo's latest book, Now Chiefly Poetical, will convince readers that he embodies that phrase. His poems, which encompass love, melancholy, passion, mystery, and even the quotidian, provide a lovely cadence for our modern life and will persuade those who attend to him to seek increased beauty through the written word.”

—Prof. Carol Kealiher, Ph.D., Managing Editor of James Joyce Quarterly, University of Tulsa

In Now Chiefly Poetical, prize-winning poet Kevin Di Camillo has created a new and imaginative mindscape. With amazing verbal agility, he invites his readers to savor the power of his associative designs. Here, verbal dexterity, supported by new forms of evidence, leads to wisdom based on deeply felt polyvalent insights.

—Patrick Samway, S.J., author of A Publishing Partnership: Flannery O’Connor and Robert Giroux

“To my ear, Kevin Di Camillo’s first book of poetry in nearly two decades brings in the influences of poets as diverse as Louis Zukofsky and Clark Coolidge and Gustav Sobin, among other voices—especially Joyce. Now Chiefly Poetical is iconoclastic, abstruse, but also readable and ultimately gives one, to mis-use Barthe’s term, ‘the pleasure of the text.’”

—Sam Turner, four-time winner of The BRIO Prize for Poetry

“With the publication of Now Chiefly Poetical, Kevin DiCamillo achieves that rarest of events in American poetry: a uniquely new voice emerges in these poems, a voice rare and refined, thoughtful, reflective--above all, a voice with something important to say to readers who, like many of us, have become overwhelmed with the commonplace and mundane. Like etchings on a Waterford glass, the glint of light caught in his words remind us that poetry can be, even today, a thing of beauty and truth.”

—Prof. William Martin, Ph.D., Niagara University

“Ritual, 'poetical' language run through a blender and woven into a densely textured fence framing strategic, captivating views of the interior garden.”

—John Slater, O.C.S.O., Abbey of Our Lady of the Genesee author of Lean

“‘Here’s / your sequel to the Bible,’ writes Kevin Di Camillo. No smaller than that claim, Now Chiefly Poetical, his collection of verse prayers, blazes bright through the mystic, its muscular music bringing demigods to heel, resting only in contemplation, in liturgies of word that ‘Let in Sun / Let Vigils come.’ These poems play sprung staccato, a ‘pugilist’ monk’s rhythm probing words for whispers of clarity. Their well-wrought forms can barely contain the poet’s furious joy in language, his sensual gospel of love.”

—George Guida, Ph.D. Poetry Editor of 2 Bridges Review

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· Paperback: 102 pages

· Binding: Perfect-Bound

· Publisher: BlazeVOX [books] 

· ISBN: 978-1-60964-294-5



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