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DIS, (or, the shadow of the DOME of pleasure) by Davis Schneiderman

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DIS, (or, the shadow of the DOME of pleasure) Davis Schneiderman BlazeVOX [books]

 “M. Pascal to the contrary, this shit don't stink. This shit reeks of righteous rage, bloody wit, and the bitters of monkeys in front of typewriters. This is writing that doesn't write, can't right but through imagination, of which Schneiderman has buckets, not to mention rhythm: his snaking quantitative meter pulls us through the beer, alexandrines lighting the shit ablaze. At the end of which we arrive, finally, at the obvious: this book is nothing short of and nothing less than the real shit.”

—Kass Fleisher,
author of numerous books: Talking Out of School: Memoir of an Educated Woman (Dalkey Archive Press, 2008), The Adventurous (Factory School, 2006), Accidental Species: A Reproduction (Chax Press, 2005), and The Bear River Massacre and the Making of History (SUNY Press, 2004)


“DIS is like a kick in the ass that propels you into the beyond. It’s an untidy techno-blur spliced to the Kublai Khan’s genetic code. Schneiderman may go molecular, but DIS always disses.”

—Raymond Federman, author of recent texts such as Return to Manure (FC2, 2006), Aunt Rachel’s Fur (FC2, 2001), as well as postmodernist classics including Double or Nothing (1971, FC2 reissue 1991) and Take it or Leave it (1976, FC2 reissue 1997)

"Careening through Davis Schneiderman’s writing is like being born with a placenta over your face. You’re squirted into a charming untidy lit world and suddenly you know stuff, lots of stuff, and you don’t even have to read the book because the movie’s flickering on the inside of the bloody cowl. Yippee!"

--Jiri Cech, winner of the Mennstrausse Poetry Award and subject of Debra Di Blasi’s The Jiri Chronicles and Other Fictions (FC2, 2007)



D(av)IS Schneiderman is a multimedia artist and co-author of Abecedarium (Chiasmus, 2007) as well as author of the novel Multifesto: A Henri d'Mescan Reader (Spuyten Duyvil, 2006). He is co-editor of the collections Retaking the Universe: William S. Burroughs in the Age of Globalization (Pluto 2004) and The Exquisite Corpse: Creativity, Collaboration, and the World's Most Popular Parlor Game (University of Nebraska, forthcoming). His creative work has appeared in numerous publications including Fiction International, The Chicago Tribune, The Iowa Review, Exquisite Corpse, and Mad Hatters' Review . Dr. Schneiderman is Chair of American Studies and an Associate Professor of English at Lake Forest College, and a board member for &NOW: A Festival of Innovative Writing and Art. He can be found, virtually, at

· Paperback: 220 pages
· Binding: Perfect-Bound
· Publisher: BlazeVOX [books] ( 2007 )
· ISBN: 1-934289-46-9
· LCCN: 2007932554


DIS by Davis Schneiderman Book Preview