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Tom Clark Collection

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Tom Clark Collections BlazeVOX [books]

 The Tom Clark Collection

Get four titles by Tom Clark for one low price. This set contains Tom Clark’s four titles from BlazeVOX, including his newest, Distance. This is a great set of books by one of America’s foremost poets, now in his sunset years and still producing electrifying work.

At the Fair | Distance | Canyonesque | Feeling for the Ground


“You have kept your own mind and done your perceptive and singular work every day — on your own resources and with your own intent. For those who can care, you are a benchmark for what such industry and capability can realize. Your practical hand has been there for me, I know all the way...”

—Robert Creeley to Tom Clark, July 26, 2002

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"The place he writes from, of void/non-void overlap, is a pure arena for the imagination to play in; and Clark is likewise pure: austere, bleak, exalted too... shimmering as ever."

—Alice Notley

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At the Fair

I've known and read Tom Clark for almost half-a-century as a master of many genres: a writer of plays, biographies, novels; as an editor and critic — but always foremost, as a poet. At the Fair gives glimpses of this poet peering through the eyes of his reflection in the mirror of time and reporting on the memories of that image. Part autobiography of the author in shards; part philosophy of atmosphere and thought; part natural history of air, land and water; part defense of the local; part the literate writer at work, translating, being distracted by the logic and beauty of language: this book, which I read straight through, is a tribute to a lifelong addiction: a mutable one-handed keep-awake smack in the forest of loss. One's hat is raised as observation passes.

—Tom Raworth

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Feeling for the Ground

Pretty much exactly like Tom Thumb's Blues, Mr. Clark goes on as ever letting his sensibility seep like rain through all the great American vernacular sites — film noir, baseball, the shore, dreams — and the result is a sequence of utterances that feel both timeless and inexhaustibly resonant.

—Jonathan Lethem

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