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To The Eaves By Lisa Forrest

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To The Eaves Lisa Forrest BlazeVOX [books]

 In the last ice of early spring, Forrest's lyric rearranges reflection, sharpens senses at the touch of winter's wither and whip.   How a word rooms unsuspected rattle clears an ear space for the pillage & push of language, of places and persons.   For the love of hearing, the concentric snap of lyric is tenderly broken, leaving us this very human music, a candor of eye, mind and heart.   To be played again, and again, songs for summer's jar of fireflies.

—Jonathan Skinner

Lisa Forrest is that poet we need at this moment: her work, nearly drenched in ochre tones and reverent of the heft of lonely and rural landscapes, revives the American pastoral and orients us in a psychic place many take for granted to have been lost to history. "This is our love song tumbling," to paraphrase the title poem, and in such a line one senses not only the gravity of love and loss, but one can visualize the rolling hills of some forgotten and dignified place. Forrest reminds us of both hidden geographies and sentiments; her writing is as organic and breathing as "crackling twigs [and] blazing leaves."

Ethan Paquin

These poems unfurl in the reader's palm in bird song and flight: the natural world has never been more sensuous or sung. Yet human nature, thwarted love is her true topic. Lisa Forrest's To The Eaves , takes us to the heights with grace and sweet song.

—Brenda Coultas


Book Information:

· Paperback: 60 pages
· Binding: Perfect-Bound
· Publisher: BlazeVOX [books]
· ISBN: 1-934289-87-6

Cover art by Nathan Naetzker
Cover design by Molly Jarboe

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The Music of To The Eaves

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1. Porcelain                       Lisa Forrest & Gregory Paul
2. Untitled for Now              Lisa Forrest & Gregory Paul
3. Even the Sidewalks        Lisa Forrest & Gregory Paul
4. Dear One and Only True Crush      Lisa Forrest & Gregory Paul
5. Black-crowned Night-Heron            Gregory Paul (lyrics by Lisa Forrest)
6. We'll All be the Same       Lisa Forrest
7. To the Eaves                   Lisa Forrest
8.  Wintering                        Lisa Forrest & Gregory Paul
9.  Wintering2                      Gregory Paul (lyrics by Lisa Forrest)
10.  Undone                         Gregory Paul (lyrics by Lisa Forrest)
11.  Hear the Quieting Birds Quiet        Lisa Forrest & Gregory Paul
12.  Sorry Song                   Lisa Forrest
13.  Sleep Song                   Lisa Forrest


Lisa Forrest

Lisa Forrest is a Senior Assistant Librarian for SUNY College at Buffalo and the founding member of the school's Rooftop Poetry Club.   To the Eaves is her first  collection of published poetry.  



Gregory Paul

To the EAVES by Lisa a. Forrest Book Preview