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The Impossible Picnic by Mark Tursi

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The Impossible Picnic Mark Tursi BlazeVOX [books]

 Mark Tursi’s Impossible Picnic sets up camp not on grassy Romantic heights but on the astroturf of our mental backyards and interiors. In its wild juxtapositions and deadpan humor, one hears unsettling echoes emanating from the “vapory camaraderie” of modernism. Here “the world is all this, plus the world,” as the title propels us toward a super-abundance that only initially seems “impossible.”

—Elizabeth Willis

Bold and clear words set in a bracing array of different forms. The poet’s words capture backyard events and sweep across vast distances and great stretches of time. There are intense emotions here, longing and desolation, and exhilaration and hilarity; there are sarcastic and cruel reactions. Surges of longing and lust are devious and uncommitted. The reader is enriched by all the perplexities Mark Tursi’s ravenous eyes churn up.

—Alphonso Lingis

Mark Tursi is in the forefront of the young poets for whom the word "poem" means an act of intelligence and of emotional investigation which can take any form and investigate any area of human suffering and joy. His work is tough, and, beautiful in a new engagement.

—Bin Ramke



· Paperback: 87 pages
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lisher: BlazeVOX [books] ( 2007 )
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The Impossible Picnic by Mark Tursi Book Preview