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The Age of Greenhouses by Anne-Adele Wight

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The Age of Greenhouses Anne-Adele Wight BlazeVOX [books]

I love this book––full of gardens so terrifying I wish they were imagined but described so brilliantly I fear they are not. I forget who said “Everyone is interesting in a jungle,” but only the delicately arranged are so interesting in the garden of a ranch house built in 1960. “Books,” the book warns us, “don’t come cheap in the garden.” Welcome Anne-Adele––who seems to have no fear, not even the one of looking squarely at the planetary catastrophe of modernity––to the Lucretian halls of poets who spare no science. All this courage, plus I never thought I’d read an ecopoetics this funny.

––Anne Boyer

The mash-up of our ecological and moral concerns may be navigating by “a map so changed by three million years that spare parts no longer apply.” Anne-Adele Wight’s gardens now stand in for that map; our labyrinth lost, our plague clue, our rumored history, our “heaven and hell”––but for how long? Amid observable shifts in climate and oceans, a poetics of the greenhouse prolongs the eventuality of no garden, a future where there may be “no telling what physical gravel might enter the mind.” Forget what gardens are for in your patent metaphysical realm; “everything is a palindrome or nothing is.”

––Edric Mesmer

It is exciting watching a new Anne-Adele Wight poetry fan holding her latest book, their faces beaming until they look up with Wow! Her poetry is a hidden American treasure no longer as more and more poets are sharing her books. It is a privilege to read a poet who has dedicated years to her craft, giving the world some of the best poems we will ever read. The Age of Greenhouses made me say Wow over and over! Let the celebration begin!

––CA Conrad

Anne-Adele Wight is the author of Sidestep Catapult (2011) and Opera House Arterial (2013), both from BlazeVOX. Her work has been published widely in print and online. She has read extensively in Philadelphia, where she is an active member of the poetry scene, and in other cities. If this book angers any environmental villains she will feel complimented.

Book Information:

· Paperback: 78 pages

· Binding: Perfect-Bound

· Publisher: BlazeVOX [books] 

· ISBN: 978-1-60964-239-6



The Age of Greenhouses by Anne-Adele Wight Book Preview