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Somewhere Over the Pachyderm Rainbow by Jennifer C. Wolfe

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Somewhere Over the Pachyderm Rainbow Jennifer C. Wolfe BlazeVOX books

In scores of vignettes, Jennifer Wolfe eviscerates the twisted path taken by today's conservatives.  Her scalpel leaves the "elephant" crippled and drowning in a pool of its own speculation, conspiracy theories, and fear mongering. Wolfe synthesizes the vitriol encouraged and nurtured by Fox "News", et. al., originating with the candidacy of America's first African American president. Each character and incident is exposed, assessed, and stripped bare for the reader.  This volume will edify anyone who is not current on the present mournful and despicable state of generic politics in an unapologetic, take-no-prisoners barrage.

Kathleen Bryce Niles
Editor Emerita, Comstock Review
Attacking every sheep in the heard, Jennifer C. Wolfe writes to wake a new flock.  Her collection of direct, page grinding poems leave no sheep unscathed.  With a consistent tone denying the brakes, this collection offers relentless eruption though a continuous arrival of new antagonists, new and critical dialogues, and a fresh, aggressive perspective.  Wolfe does not aim to filet her reader with riddles and foppish language, she writes to drown her reader in the corrupt and brutal realities paralyzing this country.

Jordan Antonucci
Poetry Reviewer, Monkey Puzzle Press
Once again Jennifer C. Wolfe takes aim at American politics in her  newest collection of poetry, from Buffalo’s BlazeVOX books.  In them, Wolfe goes beyond the current political climate to explore the role of the media and pundit-ainers who “report” with seemingly unprecedented partisan bias, and do so shamelessly.  She is critical, and she doesn’t pretend otherwise.  Wolfe seeks out this dynamic, shining the light, by looking both at the actors and issues themselves, and how partisan politics often plays out in the media coverage of issues and current events.  She doesn’t shy away from the influence of race, class, and gender, and she brings an awareness of the role of corruption and special interests, such as lobbyists and career power seekers.  Her poems are clear, straight, accessible, and reflect many of the news interests of regular people, from disasters to profiteering—the stuff of conversations.

Poetry Review, Full of Crow Reviews

Jennifer C. Wolfe grew up in Maplewood, Minnesota and studied fiction writing and poetry at Century College in White Bear Lake.  Ms. Wolfe has five previous publishing credentials: a poem “If” included within the Century College (White Bear Lake, MN) Spring 2008 Student Lounge literary magazine along with three poetry manuscripts, Kick the Stones: Everyday Hegemony, Empire, and Disillusionment published as an eBook by BlazeVOX Books, New York, October 2008, Yukon Rumination: Great Fun for All in the Land of Sarah Palin’s Joe Sixpack Alaska, published as an eBook by BlazeVOX Books, New York, June 2009, and Healing Optimism, and Polarization, published as an eBook by BlazeVOX Books, New York, February 2010, and two poems “St. Patrick’s Day” and “Roller Coaster,” published within the online edition of Scrambler Magazine, Issue 39, June 2010.
Somewhere Over the Pachyderm Rainbowis Ms. Wolfe’s first print published book.
Book Information:
· Paperback: 118 pages
· Binding: Perfect-Bound
· Publisher: BlazeVOX [books]
· ISBN: 978-1-60964-057-6
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Somewhere Over the Pachyderm Rainbow by Jennifer C. Wolfe Book Preview