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Projection Machine by Debrah Morkun

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Projection Machine Debrah Morkun BlazeVOX [books]

In the land of All Language, replete with spoken gold, Debrah Morkun spins poems, then weaves this Projection Machine. This original or pre-. And when reflection mazes and you are inside and civilization itself a book read in all directions, she will take your eyes by the hand and lead you on. I am waiting for you there.

—Bob Holman


"I write this way because it happened to me."  The theater of meta-poetry has no place in Debrah Morkun's amazing new book, "You'll get mad when you remember."  Because "It happened to you too."  Projection Machine ties one extraordinary epiphany to the next, the reader waking in the poet's breathless realization of how we materialize and from what machine.  The best poetry insists questions from the reader, and I find myself in constant question when reading these poems, reading, looking up at the atomic structures that hold us together, and hold us down.  I feel exhilarated from the privilege of absorbing Morkun's insights, and making her poems part of how I land when falling up and down onto the world.  You must read these poems!  Then call me, we'll talk about them!

—CAConrad, author of The Book of Frank


Projection Machine is a terrific and hauntingly original book. Debrah Morkun has always impressed me with her ear for tight lyrics, and for her in-depth studies in the occult traditions of the West. Since her home city of Philadelphia is the urban backdrop for most of this book, the poems enact a kind of ceremonial, balancing the tension between contemporary urban life & Gnostic awareness. I love Debrah’s precise sense of the poetic line, & the archaic tones she gets by working Latin and Greek words, digging into etymologies, or setting them adrift on the page as sacraments. This is the great tradition: passionate & surrealist on the surface, liturgical in the archaic underground.

—Andrew Schelling



Debrah Morkun believes in near death experiences and prays to the old gods. She toys around with magic and the coin toss, attempting to synthesize the two into holy orders. She resides in the city of brotherly love, and is a founding member of The New Philadelphia Poets.

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· Paperback: 54 pages
· Binding: Perfect-Bound
· Publisher: BlazeVOX [books]
· ISBN: 9781935402923

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