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Pointed Sentences by Bill Yarrow

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Pointed Sentences Bill Yarrow BlazeVOX [books]

 Many poets could write other poets’ poems, but there’s no one anywhere who could write a Bill Yarrow poem except Bill Yarrow. With a bizarre grace that suggests a truly individual aesthetic, his poems navigate the razor’s edge between the polished and the raw. Like a Dadaist version of John Donne, Yarrow takes an axe to common poetic assumptions, yet delivers all the pleasures of poetry at its best.

—Stephen-Paul Martin, Changing the Subject

Bill Yarrow is the Sun Tzu of verbal warfare, the Machiavelli of mental strategy. “Look left,” he says, and when you look right, anticipating his move, the whiplash hits you from behind. This is a book stolen from the library of the unexpected before it burned. What is it, what is it? A bit of Nicanor Parra’s antipoetry, a bit of Vasko Popa’s thought experimentation, a bit of Celan’s surrealism, a bit of this, a bit of that. As it shifts from allegory to narrative to lyric, you come to understand that this book is not a wonderful beast (part hippopotamus, part threshing machine) but a creature whose parts and attributes are constantly shifting—wings when it needs to be an angel, webbed hands for catching baseballs. How wonderful, how fun, and how different from so many volumes of genial, accomplished, and innocuous poetry.

—Tony Barnstone, Tongue of War

Buy this book and read these poems slowly, (I advise one a day), to become acquainted with the audacity, the charm, the play, and delights in the work of a major American artist. There isn't a lazy or ordinary utterance within, but everything feels as natural as grass and sun. A truly great book of poetry. A feast.

—James Robison, The Illustrator

Bill Yarrow is a Professor of English at Joliet Junior College where he teaches creative writing, Shakespeare, and film. He is also a poetry editor at THIS Literary Magazine. He is the author of two chapbooks: WRENCH (erbacce press, 2009) and FOURTEEN (Naked Mannekin, 2011). His poems have appeared in numerous print and online journals including Poetry International, DIAGRAM, Confrontation, BLIP, Rio Grande Review, and PANK.

Book Information:

· Paperback: 146 pages

· Binding: Perfect-Bound

· Publisher: BlazeVOX [books] 

· ISBN: 978-1-60964-082-8

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