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I DID THE WEIRD MOTOR DRIVE Charles Baldwin BlazeVOX [books]

Sandy Baldwin created the nerve creature in Alfred Jarry's brain universe. Baldwin's writing diagnosis materialized a mechanical larva in I DID THE WEIRD MOTOR DRIVE. Word had the nanotechnologic feeler by Baldwin's geometrical gene-control.

- Kenji Siratori

The author of this book is obviously the unnatural love grand child of William *Sewer* Burroughs & Jim *J.G.* Ballard. Makes for a weird motor. Despite Theory Police*s stem warmings, I mean, stern warnings, I*ll buy a pre-owned text from this guy any day, though I know it to be habit forming.

- Pierre Joris

A self-reflexive archaeology whose target expands, an inverted maelstrom engulfing violencetext, pornography, Ballardic-bardic structures - whatever either millennium has to offer. Archaeology extends through codework to these dreams haunting machines, "it was the dream in them," someone said, these wrytings grace and plot the garbled future of the planet. 2. This is a remarkable ground-breaking book, descendent of the movie marquee, military manual, love story, Odyssey. There is nothing else like it. Think of narratives of miracles for example, game boys or girls, or journeys illuminated by glow-worm texts down past the wrecks of World War I and II. Everything is here - literally everything. Think of the narratives of daily life, obscured, confused, kludged - that too. Think of untoward brilliance, and that too. Read this book! Just do it!

- Alan Sondheim

Sandy Baldwin is an artist, critic, and teacher. He directs the Center for Literary Computing and teaches in the English Department at West Virginia University. 

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* Paperback: 208 pages
* Publisher: BlazeVOX Books (October 22, 2007)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 1934289345

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i Did the Weird Motor Drive by Sandy Baldwin Book Preview