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House of Forgetting by Geoffrey Gatza

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House of Forgetting Geoffrey Gatza BlazeVOX [books]

House of Forgetting comprises two long poems by Geoffrey Gatza. The Twelve Hour Transformation of Clare tells of the disappearance of a woman who slowly transforms over the period of twelve hours into words. Recipe for Water is a double-plus, surreal telling of the life of an artist who gave up writing for painting, and the moments of memory at various stages in that life. Touching on the acceptance of others, the connections to humanity from all moments of time, executions of metaphysical boredoms, the body outgrowing its traditional symbols, sexual humiliations and moralities, the inequality of rights and the loss of control only to embrace responsibility in the form of joy and finally silence.

Geoffrey Gatza is a widely published poet and has received awards from the Fund for Poetry and a Boomerang Award. He is the author many books of poetry, including Secrets of my Prison House (BlazeVOX 2010) Kenmore: Poem Unlimited (Casa Menendez 2009) and Not So Fast Robespierre (Menendez Publishing 2008) and HouseCat Kung Fu: Strange Poems for Wild Children (Meritage Press 2008), He is also the author of the yearly Thanksgiving Menu-Poem Series, a book length poetic tribute for prominent poets, now in it's tenth year.

His visual art poems have been displayed in gallery showing. Recently, OCCUPY THE WALLS: A Poster Show, AC Gallery (NYC) 2011 occupy wall street N15 For Ernst Jandl - Minimal Poems with photography from the fall of Liberty Square. And in, LANGUAGE TO COVER A WALL: Visual Poetry through its changing media, UB ART GALLERY (Buffalo, NY) 2011/12 Language for the Birds. Geoffrey Gatza is the editor and Publisher of the small press BlazeVOX. The fundamental mission of BlazeVOX is to disseminate poetry, through print and digital media, both within academic spheres and to society at large. He lives in Buffalo, NY with his girlfriend and two beloved cats.

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· Paperback: 38 pages

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· ISBN: 978-1-60964-099-6

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House of Forgetting by Geoffrey Gatza [eBook]