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Flay, a book of mu by Caty Sporleder

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Flay, a book of mu Caty Sporleder BlazeVOX [books]

 With the visceral precision of an anatomical textbook, Caty Sporleder peels back “dead stringencies”—Sylvia Plath's term, from “Ariel”—of language, desire, and narrative expectation.   Flay glistens with rawness and a kind of theoretical eroticism.   Its imagery is constantly spurting and spasming, bringing the body into the text, so that it “rubs against the skin just between the word and my clit.” We've been waiting for a writer like Sporleder, to turn feminism inside out, revealing its hidden darkness and splendor. 

—Dodie Bellamy


In Caty Sporleder's Flay the ground is indeed saturated with an almost biblical torrent of the moist elements. Water, water everywhere: sexuality is that flood, overpowering all obvious dams in the thunderclap of its urgency, all interior sublimations by force of its feminine omniverousness, and all the more subtle pseudo-solidities by nuance of its trickle. As such, writing itself moves through multiple permutations - poem, essay, narrative, fictive embouchure - the better to inundate the various regions accessible to each form with the feminine agency from which this liberating darkness springs. This book will leave a stain on the adult backseat of your soul, one that you will imagine fragrant and know to be flagrant.

—Leonard Schwartz, author of A Message Back And Other Furors (Chax Books)


In the beginning was the fuck, and the flesh made word—a dark opening out of which the pen is penis penetrating the mu of being without. This book lusts for the self-made other in a memory-soaked scape of longing—the writing slides along the membrane of one being coming into another, tumbling roles in a circus of arousal, where self is made in the ecstatic act of losing itself. In versions of erotic adventure, Flay a book of mu spreads the integuments of revelation. –

—Martin Corless-Smith, author of Nota and Swallows (Fence Books)



Caty Sporleder lives and works in the North End of Boise Idaho. Her work has been published in Wheelhouse Magazine. Flay, a book of mu is her first published collection.

Book Information:

· Paperback: 104 pages
· Binding: Perfect-Bound
· Publisher: BlazeVOX [books]
· ISBN: 978-1935402084

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Flay, A Book of Mu, By Caty Sporleder Book Preview