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Every Strange Meridian by Todd Romanowski

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Every Strange Meridian Todd Romanowski BlazeVOX [books]

 Intensely lyric, often surreal, the poems in Every Strange Meridian cast a spell that is at once dangerous and beautiful. There is abundant intelligence at work here, in Romanowski's inventive syntactical strategies ("Touch eyelids: our room"; "News of aria, done/to me"), startling imagery ("Centaurs find the night, a strewn hair"), and line breaks that swerve meaning ("I resemble the head that wears/a statue's crown…").  Like a fine night mist, these poems reveal and conceal simultaneously, build mystery both suspenseful and engaging, and return us to a primal state of love and longing. Every Strange Meridian is that rare thing: a book of poems in a new language, one that will, I'm convinced, prove indelible.

—Joan Houlihan, author of The Mending Worm, Hand-Held Executions, and The Us




Todd Romanowski went where no one goes, and then rode home. His life is a true story.

Book Information:

· Paperback: 78 pages
· Binding: Perfect-Bound
· Publisher: BlazeVOX [books]
· ISBN: 978-1-60964-029-3

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Every Strange Meridian by Todd Romanowski Book Preview