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a womb-shaped wormhole by j/j hastain

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a womb-shaped wormhole j/j hastain BlazeVOX [books]

Humans and cyborgs alike! 

Authorize yourselves reading the demand for desire in j/j hastain’s a womb-shaped wormhole. Participate in the co-construction of a new mythos. Graft various inertias of the unicorn. Irrupt while you re-symbolize experience. Find the void; hold it. Engage the if of the pre in the body. Traverse fantasy with libido. Enter a unicorn boudoir. Simultaneously employ polysemous proprioception and negative capability. Become poly-multi-gendered. Manifest sculptural concrete erotic relief. Become the real of body: the coagulation of earth. Permeate the trans imagination. Trace performances of the unicorn. It is so necessary.

You can do it! Read it! Read it now!

—Jared Hayes

j/j hastain is a seer. Writing from the liminal space between the ethereal and the corporeal, filled with bestiaries of the soul and spine-broken books, hastain has composed "an activist-narrative of place", where the body is but "a fretted tangle" to be worried apart, and then knotted again. Stitched in the language of sinew and fiber, a womb-shaped wormhole is transcendent, stretching past our mere genders, our temporal selves.

—Benjamin Winkler

In a womb-shaped wormhole j/j is incubating psychic/ biologic language between black and white holes. This book is a tantric system of genders’ sockets. Yearning + its ally= a co. I cannot help but think that I could talk a month on the title alone--here in j/j’s book we get to feel how it feels when walls and woods are pulled away (“though not abandoned”)--we get to skim the tree tips on a bald bed.

—Andy Peterson

j/j hastain’s book a womb-shaped wormhole is one beginning for a world attempting to make itself in advance of its articulation. But it can be articulated by scents, which is to say, “traces”--like musk, patchouli, mustard, "split truffles," or even attar of long-dead altars and imagined memories. In this beginning lie the orgasms of fractals, revealing how fractions require flesh as condition precedent to existence--for who we may not at first recognize is nonetheless not that different from you and me.

—Eileen R. Tabios




j/j hastain lives in Colorado, USA with hir beloved. j/j is the author of numerous full-length, cross-genre works such as: asymptotic lover // thermodynamic vents (BlazeVox Books), our bodies as beauty inducers (Rebel Satori Press), we in my Trans (JMS Books LLC), autobiography of my gender (Moria), ulterior eden (Otoliths), prurient anarchic omnibus (Spuyten Duyvil), long past the presence of common (Say it with Stones), vigorous (Eight Ball Press), verges and vivisections (Knives Spoons and Forks) as well as many chapbooks and artist’s books. j/j’s writing has appeared in numerous journals including Sextures, Trickhouse, Vlak, Unlikely Stories, The Offending Adam, Eccolinguistics and Kelsey. j/j is an Elective Affinities participant, a member of Dusie kollektiv and a regular contributor to Sous Les Paves. j/j’s manuscript extant shamanisms won the Pavement Saw poetry award. In 2011 j/j’s book we in my Trans was nominated for the Stonewall Book Award.





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· Paperback: 122 pages

· Binding: Perfect-Bound

· Publisher: BlazeVOX [books]

· ISBN: 978-1-60964-075-0


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A Womb-shaped Wormhole by J-j Hastain Book Preview