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BlazeVOX @ Burchfield Penney 2011

Featuring a brilliant Poetry Reading: Michael Basinski, Wade Stevenson, Robin Brox, Michael Kelleher, and Geoffrey Gatza

Hello and thank you for stopping by this online version of our BlazeVOX @ Burchfield Penney! We had an extravagant BlazeVOX [books] event at a new large art gallery in Buffalo, The Burchfield Penny on November 10th 2011 from 6 to 8 PM. The night was catered with food and drinks from Oliver’s Restaurant and it was all quite delicious. The entire evening was a dream come true and such fun, we wanted to share!

There are several parts to this work:

A Brilliant Poetry Reading: We were unable to record the reading, so we decided to put together a small packet that captured the fun of the whole event. Featuring the work of Michael Basinski, Wade Stevenson, Robin Brox, Geoffrey Gatza and Michael Kelleher.

Portrait Drawings by artist Peter Fowler: Artwork featured in Wade Stevenson’s book, A Testament to Love and Loss by Peter Fowler. These images were on display at the reading, as well as Peter drawing self-portraits for guests. His work to me is intertwined with poetry as his studios are above Rust Belt Books, a local used book shop in Buffalo. His paintings are in the poetry reading room and it just felt natural to have him there. So hurray on Peter for being such a great supporter of poetry!

Self Portraits of Poets and Book People: As a fund raising idea, we asked local and international poets and book people to send us a self-portrait. We set up a packet of paper, pens, markers and other art utensils along with return mailing. We received work from all around North America, including National Book Award winner Keith Waldrop and the first Canadian Poet Laureate, George Bowering. This was so much fun to watch as everything came together. In total we received 30 pieces of artwork, and we sold a great deal of it at the show. We also have an online shop where we will have for sale, the remaining pieces. So if you were not able to come to the event, but wanted to help out the press while taking home a self portrait of a favorite poet, here is your chance!

Self Portraits of Poets Fundraiser – online shop!

Again, thank you for all of your kind support and allowing BlazeVOX [books] to continue on! Do keep an eye out for the Late-Fall issue of BlazeVOX11. It will be out around thanksgiving time and will be a wonderful issue. Also, this years Thanksgiving Menu-Poem, a book length poetry dinner, now in it's tenth year, celebrates Keith and Rosmarie Waldrop. Do stop on by the site on Thanksgiving Day to have a moment of poetry.

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Saturday November 19, 2011

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